Thursday, April 17, 2008

A little bit of sewing

I did get to do a little bit of sewing last night, but not as much as I wanted....just too sleepy. I ended up getting 18/142 blocks done last night, but I still need to iron them. I am trying to cut form my little scrap pieces. These scraps are no certain size jut odds-and-ends from different projects.

Yesterday evening, I had to meet my sister to follow her over to drop her car off at the garage. She is just getting some breaks and stuff like that done. So she needed a ride home. After I got home I was just so sleepy...I fell asleep on the couch and Andrew woke me up a few hours later. I hate this medication just makes me sleepy all the time. I have a doctor's appointment Monday and Wednesday so I am going to see if they can change it or something.

This morning, I had to take Chantal to work and Andrew to school after Hunter got on the bus. And when I pick her up this evening, we will run by to get her car. So after dropping them all off I ran by Hatfield's, which is a little country store, to pick up some more tomato plants. I picked up some of the red/yellow striped tomatoes, we really like them. As I was there he was unloading his truck and had green beans on it. I asked how much he said $10 a bushel. He opened this one up and the beans are good they are just dirty, so he said if you want this one, you can have it for $5!!!! $5 a bushel!!! Of course, I grabbed it and left!
Like I said they are good just dirty. I am giving Chantal half of them, she loves them. We are going to dry them. I don't know what everyone else calls them but here in our little part of the world we call the "leather britches" So I will probably spend the evening stringing beans, wash them, lay them on old window screens and put them outside in the sun to dry out for a few days.

While I was in town, I stopped by the junk store and only got a couple of things. These bamboo purse handles were only .25, who knows I may use them someday for something and they are still in the package.

I also picked up these dinner napkins, I thought I would throw in with my scraps. They are not store bought dinner napkins, they are just regular quilting fabric that someone has hemmed the edges to make napkins. You can tell that the fabric has never been washed or used. There is a set of 6 of these for .25 also.
So far today that is I have to go outside and get Jingle Bells out of his stall and take him for a walk. He is doing fine since his surgery on Saturday but he has to be walked so that he doesn't get too stiff.



Moneik said...

You made some great finds for a very small price! Have fun stringing your beans.

Amelia said...

Great buy on the beans. To me the pods look like a "purple hull" but those are peas. I bet they are good eating anyway.

I bet you would like to get your medicine changed so you are not so sleepy all the time.

Good buys on the "junk store" purchases...certainly worth the money you paid for them.

Amelia in Oklahoma

Carol Van Rooy said...

I'd k=never heard of drying beans. Do you eat them after their dried... are are you drying them to save the seed for planting.

I'd only eer eaten beans that had been frozen of fresh picked.

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

OK inquiring minds want to know, what do you do with the beans once they are dried? I've never heard of that before. All we do here is either freeze them or can them so this could open up a whole new world for us Wisconsin people.

Anonymous said...

dried green beans.. never heard of that. Have had fresh, fozen, canned, but never dried. Any good?

Hazel said...

Now you have us all wondering what
dryed beans are LOL .Great fines at the thirft store .