Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sewing and Good Deals!

Andrew didn't have to work for my brother today so I took the boys to Pizza Hut for lunch. They love their lunch buffet but since they are in school through the week they don't get it very often. After Pizza Hut we headed to Walmart so that Andrew could look around for a bit. Our Walmart is generic and doesn't sell fabric. They have a little tiny bit of sewing supplies but today they had most of it on clearance! I would say they they are going to do away with it all. But today I picked up a few things and will probably go back for more later. So today's purchases were this cutting mat, ruler and Mark-B-Gone pen for $8. I also bought 5 more of these plastic tubs for scraps. I have in mind sorting more of my scraps and cutting them down into usable strips.
I also bought a new magazine! I know I don't need another one but they are almost as addictive as fabric!

Now last night I did alittle more sewing on my Orange Crush Mystery Quilt from Quiltville.

I need 150-4 patch blocks and I now have half of them done. This one bin I still need to press open. I hope to work on them again tonight....only 75 more to go!

Andrew will be working for John tomorrow. But Hunter has his follow-up appointment. He will have his stitches removed. So my plan is...as long as Hunter is not in a bad mood...I will stop by "Sew Many Blessings Quilt Shop" while I am down that way! I have a few things that I need...like some fabric for the new "Miniature Booty Swap" It can be no larger than 20 inches, but I need fabric. I have noticed that in photos of her house she has alot of reds and soft greens...so hopefully I will find something that will catch my eye.


Jen said...

Wow, you did get some good deals!!! I hope Hunter's stitches come out ok. that poor kid, he shouldn't have to deal with this. =(

Gina said...

I'll be thinking of Hunter love him. Give him a big hug from me.

I buy the Quilters Newsletter occassionally, well when I can get it over here. It's one of the few magazines that I really like

love and hugs xxx

Quilting Pirate said...

oooo deals!!!

Ya know, I planned on doing the Orange Crush but still trying to catch up on this weekend....meeting Bonnie last night though motivates me!

I'm thinking of Hunter. Poor guy.

Moneik said...

How exciting to get such good deals. Hope all goes well with Hunter tomorrow. Will be thinking of you and hoping you get to go to the quilt shop.