Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Rainy Day!

A wet and nasty day!! It has been raining non stop since I got up this morning. No sewing yet today, hopefully later.

This morning started just like the past few, with me getting to boys off to school, feeding all the animals and then hitting the couch for a nap. Like I mentioned earlier, I have been so tired and having to nap not too long after I get up of a morning. I know it is just this new medicine that I am on for my thyroid. Anyway, I had just hit the couch for my nap and Chantal calls me from work to ask what I have planned for today. I noticed instantly that her voice sounded funny, so I told her that I had no plans and asked what was wrong! Anyway, when she woke up this morning she was having trouble seeing out of her right eye. She said it felt like she had pressure behind it and it looked like she was looking through tint. By the time she left for work she could see better but the pressure was still there.

She works at a doctor's office and he told her that she needed to go to an eye doctor because it could be many things. So they got her in instantly. I drove her to Ashland to the doctor. He said she was having Acephalgic (Silent Migraines) I had never heard of a silent migraine before. It's like you have all of the symptons except for the pain. Weird huh?? Anyway, her vision is still not exactly right, but better than this morning.

It is kind of funny that everyone has my weekly schedule down. It took me 20 minutes to get to town to pick her up and we were pulling out of the parking lot and Chantal's cell phone was mom. Mom instantly asked what was wrong!! Chantal laughed and asked what she was talking about. Mom said..."I just tried to call Kristie and there was no answer and you sound like you are about to cry, so what is wrong?" I guess that is just a "Mother's Instinct" Mom got all upset until we finally convinced her that it was nothing major.

Oh well, just a weird day! Soon after I got back home Richard and the boys got here. We had dinner and are now watching tv. I am sooooooooo tired, since I did not get my nap earlier. I'm thinking after Richard goes to bed and the boys are doing their homework, I will NAP! Then hopefully I will feel like doing at least one block. I am in no real hurry on this Civil War Quilt, but I have just been doing really good about working on it so far and I don't want to let up on it yet.

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Maureen said...

Yesterday's pictures of Donkey are soooo cute!

You are such a great sister to take your sister to the doctor! And aren't Mom's funny...they can tell something isn't right just by the sound of your voice!