Tuesday, October 14, 2008

11 More to go!!!!

I have been working on my Love Letter blocks again today!!! Now I only need 11 more to go!!!!! So I am in the home stretch now!!! With 110 blocks it will take me forever to get the top sewn together! After I get this one done I think I will work more on my blue Nearly Insane and the Civil War Diary quilt.

Yesterday I was getting the laundry out of the dryer when I heard Chantal pull up, so I stopped to go talk with her, after she left this is what I found...

Donkey was asleep in the dryer, and I woke him up when I grabbed a shirt out!!!! I guess I really need to keep an eye on the dryer and double check before I turn it on!! hehehe!

Hunter had football practice this evening and has a game Saturday morning! I think Mom and Chantal are going with us to watch! I have been spending some much needed "Mommy Time" with mom the past few days. I'm sooooo glad that she is home!

Richard seems to be enjoying his new job! He didn't get home in time to make it to Hunter's practice but that was okay! Hunter understood and I told Richard that nobody expects him to make it to every practice! The good thing is, his games are on Saturdays and Richard does not work on Saturdays!

Andrew has been working on his chicken coop this evening, trying to make room for a few more chickens. He has some at his Dad's house that he wants to bring home so that he can have them all here. He takes such good care of them! I am very proud of him!


KyQuiltlady said...

Beautiful blocks! You are getting near the finish line. Donkey liked those warm clothes.I'm glad Richard likes his new job and Hunter is enjoying playing ball. That is so good that Andrew takes care of his chickens. I got some embroidery designs of roosters.

QuiltedSimple said...

Whooo Hoooo! Your blocks look awesome, I'm so glad Richard is enjoying his new job - and that is fantastic that Hunter likes football and Andrew does such a good job of taking care of his chickens. You can tell you both are raising awesome children!


Amelia said...

Sounds like everything is humming in perfect unison around your place...so glad. Plus you need this after the 6 weeks or so of things just going in a downward direction. Enjoy the time with your Mother...she will soon be gone again.

Yvette said...

Your blocks are beautiful! I am going shop hopping soon, I hope I can find enough fabrics to get started on my Love Letter quilt.

I keep seeing all these kitties on quilting blogs. I think I want one now. LOL! I have never had a cat before but they sure look like nice pets, I need to see if my dogs would approve first.

Michelle said...

That 'donkey' sure looks comfortable. I almost felt like crawling in there with him!

Your blocks look wonderful, and sounds like life is purring along just 'purr'-fectly.

Glad Richard likes his new job. Have a great week, sweetie!

Gina said...

What a great photo of Donkey. I'm glad that everything is working out for you again

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Lurline's Place said...

So happy everything is falling into place for you - beautiful blocks! - please take care with Donkey!
Hugs - Lurline.

Marilyn R said...

Your blocks look great! A Donkey in the dryer...Yikes! How funny is that?

Guðrún said...

You can see the end now, you are amazing, I can´t wait to see the top assembled.

Anonymous said...

I justed wanted you to know that I had stopped by your blog. I talked with my sister last night and she said that she got to meet you at Hunter and Tyler's football game. I heard that they won, whoo hoo! I see you are still making those beautiful quilts!!! I have started posting on my blog again. I have been in a little slump and hadn't posted in quite awhile. I also sent my sister the url to your blog so she could see your work. I would have liked to have gotten the chance to meet you, too. Take care and keep on stitching! Hugs, Debbie - WV

Roberta said...

Your blocks are such an inspiration! I went right over the Amazon site and ordered the two books you mentioned. Thank you! I can't wait to get started!