Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bag Swap!

I recieved my bag from Lindas Bag Swap yesterday!! And I must say that I am quiet pleased with it! It came all the way from Monique in the Netherlands! She did such a wonderful job on it! Also included was a great quilt magazine and some wonderful smelling soap. Thank you so very much!!!! I love it!!

I made another block for my Nearly Insane quilt last night but for some reason I can't get it to load on the computer so I will try it again tomorrow. Maybe by then I will have a few more done...

Right now it is almost 8:30pm and completely dark here in KY, Richard and Andrew are still hard at work at the sawmill. They are trying to get a load of railroad ties ready to sell in the morning. I know they are exhausted but they are not complaining. Richard took off around 6pm so that we could take Hunter to football practice and then we came back home and he hasn't even come in the house yet, just went straight back to work.

This morning, I had a doctor's appointment, nothing major, just bloodwork for my thyroid and checking my Depakote levels (seizure medication). I have to have all of that done every so often. He said that they should have called me from the last bloodtest because my platelets were real low, not sure how low because I didn't ask, so he wanted to check that too. Should have all the bloodwork back tomorrow. After I came home, I had to run straight back to town to pick up some bolts for Richard. For some reason the sawmill sheared off 6 bolts!!! These bolts hold the hub on the turns the blade, hard to explain, but he couldn't use the sawmill until I got back with the bolts!!! So he had a little down time this morning, just took a few minutes to replace them and he has been hard at it ever since!!!

Mom will be home on Friday!!! :) Not sure what time she will get home, she said as of right now, she had no idea!! Chantal's birthday is also on Friday, so I will bake her a cake and we will celebrate when Mom gets home!!!! My baby sister will be 24! I am 13 yrs older than she is and it just seems like yesterday that she was born. She was such a cute little thing, only weighed a little over 5lbs. I will have to dig out a baby photo of her and put on here, she will kill me if she sees it but she was just so cute!


Carla said...

You sure have a lot going on at your house! I hope that your labwork comes back showing minimal or better yet, no problems. So glad that you finally got your bag. It's very pretty and looks like a good size.

KyQuiltlady said...

I hope all is well with your labwork. I know Richard and Andrew must be very tired. That is so good of Andrew to work and not complain. Most kids would. You are going to have Nearly Insane finished before I get started. I did print some yesterday. Some blocks look like they will be over my head. Maybe not a good one to learn from. I will surely need your help. Can't wait to see Chantel's baby picture.

Amelia said...

Lots is going on at the Layne place. So hope Richard gets a good price on the logs tomorrow.

What was your platelet count - or did they tell you? My count was also low...so that is one of the reasons for my doctors appts in the last several weeks.

Happy Birthday to Chantel...and your Mother will be home - two good reasons to celebrate.


Anonymous said...

Your bag is so cute, of course, I love it-it has brown in it!!
I hope all goes well tomorrow, and Andrew is a trooper!!

Michelle said...

Although there is much work going on at your house, you must so enjoy spending time with them. I know you are so proud of Andrew for being so helpful and not complaining. You should be so proud of your whole family.

I pray everything is well with your bloodwork. No wonder you have had bouts of tireness. Take care of you!

Your bag looks wonderful.

Enjoy mom when she gets home.
Take care,

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Oh! I love your bag. Hope the tests come back good. You gotta love a hard working man! Sounds like you've got a great one! I love how excited you get over your Mom coming home!

QuiltedSimple said...

Love your bag - taht was a great swap! Hope your labwork comes out good. You guys are sure keeping busy with the sawmill.

Jen said...

Hope your bloot tests come back with good results. I can't wait to see the baby picture of Chantal...she IS going to kill you. Giggle!! I'm soooo glad you got the sawmill up and running again.

Sara said...

What a great bag! Very cute!

I hope everything is okay with your meds. I have to go tomorrow to get mine tested. It can be such a pain sometimes - can't it!

And Happy Birthday to Chantel!

Anonymous said...

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Guðrún said...

Is the bag pink and brown :) Will your mother be home at Christmas now?

Welcome to ... Lurline's Place said...

Busy girl, eh! Hope all is well with your blood tests - enjoy your family!
Hugs - Lurline.