Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another Great Mail Day!

Don't you just hate days when you go to the mailbox and all you have are bills?? Well...this evening I stopped by the mailbox and had two things in there, the first was a bill and I just stuck it back in the box (I'll get it out tomorrow...maybe) The second was a package from Toni (the quilting pirate) She is such a sweetie and has made my day! So I'm sitting at the mailbox in my car and I just can't wait until I get home to open it so I turn my interior light on so that I can see. The first thing that I pull out is the adorable little Pirate Rubber Duck!!! Now how cute is that?? I just had to giggle when I saw it, it is just so her!!

Next came this beautiful pattern for a wallhanging. It is called "Do The Funky Chicken" It is so cute!
And then I stuck my hand in the package and I could feel fabric (oh what a feeling that is!) I pulled it out and there were lots of Civil War fabrics!!! They are all different from the fabrics that I have so that gives me new ones to use. I had been wanting some reds and yellows but couldn't find any around here!
So THANK YOU SO MUCH! I can't wait to use them! And as far as the little pirate duck goes he now has a new home right beside my sewing machine!
I did a little bit of sewing this evening. I made a tiny bowl for my sister. I don't have a photo of it because she took it home. As usual, I am very tired today and have had two naps and would love to take another one. Mom came out today while I was trying to clean and I think she felt sorry for me because she took my trash out, did my dishes and helped me clean up my bedroom. I'm trying to get my house cleaned up fairly good, I will have company stopping by in a week or so. A friend of Mom's and I guess you could say a friend of mine is stopping by to talk about quilty things. I have known this lady all of my life and I know she is not coming to look at my house but sometimes you just really want your house cleaned for company...

Coiled Fabric Bowl

Yesterday was quilt guild. Had a great time and lots of show and tell! I always enjoy looking at what others have made, it is very inspiring to me. So I rushed home ready to sew...and then I saw my table. It was piled high with several projects that I have been working on. I started to clean it off and by the time I got half way through it...I took a nap! So by the time I got back up, it was time for the boys to get home from school. After I got everyone fed for the evening, homework done, bathed and off to bed, I sat down and made my bowl!

Several people have been making them lately. I found my pattern in a Fon's and Porter magazine that I had bought last year. Very easy to make, just fabric strips wrapped around clothesline and then zig-zag stitched around. The worst part is wrapping the clothesline. I had to take a few breaks because my hand started cramping. Chantal really liked it when I showed it to her this morning. I may try to make her a real small one to put on her computer desk. She usually keeps small candies or something there so a small one would work perfect.

I found out yesterday that my Aunt Deb has to have a heart catheterization. As most of you know she is my favorite aunt!!! She is my mom's sister and I am closer to her than I am any of the others. Mom is very worried about her and so am I. They haven't scheduled it yet, but mom and I will go to the hospital with her. I'm sure all of her kids and husband will be there but we want to go too. It just seems like sometimes it never ends...trust me I know things could always be worse and we have no major sickness in the family but it's just been one thing right after another...Hunter's surgery, Andrew's heart problems, My thyroid radiation stuff, Richard's fall, and now this! I guess I'm just complaining, but I am thankful that these are things that can be fixed. Okay I will shut up on that stuff for now...

I have been in the bedroom this morning doing some Spring Cleaning! I have everything piled on the bed and in the hallway! It looks worse than what it did when I started. Hopefully, I will get it all put back together before anyone gets home. But right now I think I will take a nap! This medication is killing me all I want to do is sleep.

I have plans to sew this evening. I would like to finish my Step 3 on the Orange Crush quilt, make a block or two for my Civil War Diary quilt or my Dear Jane. I guess I will have to wait and see if I can stay awake long enough to do it.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fishing At The Pond

I know this is the second post for me today but just wanted to share some photos. We took the boys down to the pond to fish. We didn't get to fish very long but it was still nice family time. Here is a photo of Andrew being hateful because he doesn't want his photo taken.

Here is Hunter all kicked back and relaxing. If you look real close you can see Ida Belle coming out of the water. We could not keep her out she's half lab so I guess she has to get in the water.

This is just Hunter messing around by the pond.

This is just a photo of the pasture, just showing how pretty and green everything is getting.

Off in the distance you can see Ole Jim and of course, Ida Belle had to get in the photo too.
We didn't catch anything as you can see it started raining, so we packed up and ran for the house...
But still we had a nice time and it is times like this that the boys will always remember...

My Journey has started...

My Journey has started...My Dear Jane Journey that is... I only have two of the blocks finished for the DJ but at least it is a start. I made one last night and the other this morning. I think they are probably two of the easier blocks, so I started on them first. I am in no big rush to finish this quilt, but I will say that SOMEDAY it will be finished. These blocks are 4.5 inches finished.

I made this block a few minutes ago for my Civil War Diary quilt. This block is called "Sugarcane" only 24 pieces but it still took me a while. I am paper piecing most of these for better accuracy. I will probably make another block or two later in the evening, but right now I think I will take a nap. This block makes 26/121, so only 95 more to go!!!Andrew and Richard are out Turkey hunting today and have been gone most of the day. Hunter went to Church and Sunday School with Mom and I stayed in bed and slept! Now I'm tired again!!! I don't really have the energy to fix supper so I guess we will just have hotdogs or something quick and simple. Off for a nap....

Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Toxic Saturday!

Andrew's heart monitor was delivered yesterday. We had to call and have it activated and setup. Of course, he wouldn't let me take a photo of it on him. He has to wear it 24/7 for the next 30 days. The doctor said at least 30 days but maybe 60 days.

Richard, the boys and some of their friends went coon (raccoon) hunting last night and didn't get home until after midnight. The dogs didn't tree anything so they just packed it up and came home. Hunter was so tired. As soon as he came in the door he wanted a cone of ice cream, as you can see he didn't stay awake long enough to eat it. I even had to scrub it off the couch.
Richard is feeling some better today, but it still limping pretty bad. We were joking around today that we are all just falling apart. Hunter still has his stitches in from his surgery, Andrew is wearing a heart monitor, I am toxic and Richard looks like he has been hit by a MAC truck!

This evening Richard and Andrew went out and did some turkey scouting while Hunter was gone with mom and Chantal to a birthday party. It was a party for my niece and of course I couldn't be around alot of people and my SIL is pregnant so I certainly couldn't be close to her. I got the big idea I would do some sewing. I counted my step 2 blocks for the Orange Crush mystery. I thought I had them all done, but I had to sew a few more. They are now all finished, but I still need to iron them. I HATE ironing!!!! There are 142 of these little blocks so I will just iron a few at a time until they are finished.

It is almost midnight, but I think I am going to make my first Dear Jane block!!!! That would be a great way to end the night! Wish me luck!!!!

Oh!!!! I almost forgot! Bullet bred Beauma today!!!! So we will wait about 3 months and have an ultrasound done to see if we will have a new little colt!!!!


Friday, April 25, 2008

Home Alone!

Here it is 10:45pm and I am home alone!!! Richard and the boys are out Coon (raccoon) hunting! Andrew's best friend, Sam and his Grandpa stopped by with their dogs and wanted them to go with them. So here I am just kinda kicking back trying to relax. Richard is trying to walk some of the stiffness out. He still has a pretty bad limp and can't bare any weight on the back of his heel.

Mom stopped by for a few minutes earlier on her way home. It have been a month since I had seen her. She looked so tired so she only stayed for a few minutes to make sure I was ok and then went on home to go to bed. Tomorrow my niece is having a birthday party so mom and Chantal are taking Hunter for me. My SIL is pregnant, so I certainly don't want to be around her while I'm doing this radiation thing! So while they are gone to the party, Richard and Andrew will be Turkey hunting! Soooooo, my plan is to sew while I'm alone!!! I have done nothing this week!

I had in mind that while I had my treatment that I would get all kinds of sewing done. Well, it hasn't worked that way at all! I've had doctor's appointments for 3 days this week and then Richard to the ER last night....now I'm just tired! I never do that much running during the week.

We switched some of the horses around. We had them scattered in different fences but we decided to move them around. So on the west side we have Ole Jim, Autumn, and Jingle Bells. Autumn has come IN so we will be calling to have semen shipped. There is a certain stud that we want her bred to. Then in the east lot we have Bullet and Beauma! And now Beauma is IN and they have been PLAYING around, so hopefully we will end up with a colt there too. I guess we will have to wait to see.

I think I will go straighten up my sewing area so that I will be ready to sew in the morning!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Trip To The ER!

What an evening!!! Hubby had a trip to the ER! This evening Richard and Andrew were up on the second floor of the house putting up more rafters. I had been outside watching them and then came in the house for about 10 minutes and Andrew came running in the door. He said "HE'S OKAY AND HE'S SITTING UP BUT RICHARD FELL OFF THE ROOF!!" I ran just as fast as I could go and crying the whole way. It seemed like it took me forever to get to him. When I did get to him he was sitting in front of the doorway of the house. He is okay but I made him go to the ER anyway. He fell about 20ft and hit the ground! His right foot hit the ground first on the heel area. He has several scraps and stuff. The doctor said he didn't see any breaks in the foot but the radiologist would be in tomorrow morning and he would look at it and if there were any breaks he would call. Richard kept telling me that nothing was broken but I MADE him go anyway! I was soooooo sick! So we just got back home, his foot is swollen and black! And he will be off from work until Monday! My nerves are shot! He keeps telling me to calm down but I freak out over stuff like that, I mean he could have broken his neck or back!!! I hate that he fell but in a way I'm glad I didn't see him, I would have died!

Anyway on to something else... Here is a photo of Hunter pulling the puppies around in his wagon! This was taken about 15 minutes before Richard fell. Actually, I had come in the house to load my photos on the computer! Those poor puppies, Hunter has drove them crazy with that wagon!
I am feeling fine as far as my treatment thing is going. Other than some burning sensations and some blotchy I'm fine! I have a cold and sinus infection so that is making me miserable. I am counting the days until I can love on my babies!!! Last night, Richard would not hush until I slept in the bed with him, we have never slept a part and he is a big baby! So what did I do??? I rolled up in my Special Comfy Quilt so that he couldn't touch me and stayed way over on the edge of the bed. See ladies I haven't forgotten why you made this quilt for me! I will always love and remember you all for this...Thank you so much for the love and comfort that you have given me.

I haven't sewn at all today! I had actually planned on doing some sewing tonight but with all of this I'm just too nervous! Maybe this weekend! Oh and Mom is coming home tomorrow!!!! I'm sooooo glad, I miss her!


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's Official! I'm TOXIC!

I had my first radiation treatment this morning. :( The doctor said I would be toxic 7-10 days. I have dreaded this for months but in a way I'm glad to be getting it over with. For those of you that missed my December post, I have Graves Disease, which is a thyroid disorder and I have 3 tumors on my thyroid that can not be removed. So that is what this radiation is for to kill the thyroid and tumors. My biggest problem will be not being able to touch my kids. Hunter sleeps with me after Richard goes to work so I'm not sure how we will handle that tonight. He even told me to use rubber gloves when handling the food that I cook. I just can't wait for this to be over and it has just started...

On to some quilting things... Yesterday I had two doctors appointments. I was so tired by the time I got home. In between appointments I stopped by The Attic (junk store) and picked up a few things. I bought these 2 twin size sheets that I thought I would cut in half, then quilt and donate for the babies at the doctors office in town. They are very cute and they were unopened.

I also picked up some, actually 20, men's cotton shirts. I saw on the Quiltville site where she cuts them up and uses then in quilts. For some reason plaid fabric is hard for me to find around here so I bought these to use and they were only 2/$1

After my long day with appointments, I stopped by the mailbox on the way home. I got this wonderful package from Cathi (Celtic Knots) She sent me some wonderful Civil War fabrics and the Dear Jane cd. I didn't get a photo of the cd but it is in my computer right now. I have printed off a few blocks but haven't started on any yet.
Hopefully, I will get alot of sewing done in the next few days. With this radiation I will be off to myself alot. So maybe sewing and blogging will keep my mind busy.
Oh and one more thing... I just got my DSL hooked up about an hour ago!!!!! Finally no more dial up!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Wheeeewww! What A Long Day!

I'm really tired so this post may not make alot of sense. Richard's grandmother is 88 yrs old and her daughter lives with her but she is 70. Anyway, the house she was living in was in really bad shape and had steps she had to go down to get to the laundry area and she is not steady on her feet so she decided last week she wanted to MOVE! She called and signed the lease for a duplex. She calls last night and says she wants to move TODAY! Needless to say, no one showed up to help except for me and Richard. Of course, they are not able to move furniture and retard Richard decides he is going to move it all in one trip. So he rented a Uhaul and we worked ourselves too death! She has lived there for 18 yrs!!! And let me tell you she had alot of stuff! After we got everything moved over and unloaded, Richard's brother showed up while we were setting her bed back up and had all the furniture moved. So we left and let HIM unpack all the boxes. I am soooooo tired. Well, I'm tired but restless!

As soon as we left there I had to run by the grocery store and stuff. I didn't get to do that yesterday because of Andrew's appointment. On the way to the grocery store I did stop by our new "Fabric Outlet" that opened a few a weeks ago. I didn't really see alot, but maybe I was just tired. But I did get these "lights" I think I will cut them into strips to use for my scrap quilts.

I guess that is all for tonight. If I feel up to it I may try to sew...

Friday, April 18, 2008

Andrew's Heart Specialist Appointment

This morning was Andrew's appointment with the heart specialist. We left as soon as Hunter got on the bus an we made the 1 1/2 hour trip. This doctor is located in Louisville KY but makes the trip once a month across the state for children in this area. We really don't know alot about everything yet. He had his chest x-ray earlier in the week and it was fine. Today he had an EKG, and an ultrasound of the heart. Andrew will have to wear an Event Recorder at least for the next 30 days. The doctor said he may need it for 60 days but we will start with 30. So he will have to wear this 24 hours a day for 30 days. When his heart starts acting up he is to push a button and it will record the activity then it is called in to Life Watch. My brother has the same problem that Andrew does and he has to take medication the rest of his life. But this doctor told me today that this problem can be fixed now days. I told him we would just wait and discuss all of this after we get the results back. When you start surgically messing with the heart or brain, it scares me. His heart will speed up extremely fast with chest pain, dizziness, and weakness. Than after a little while all goes back to normal. The doctor said hopefully, we can get this taken care of before it does any major wear on his heart. He is only 15 so I really want something done now before it gets worse. Oh, the Event Recorder will be delivered by UPS in about a week.

Here is a photo of him this morning as we went through the drive thru at Burger King. He did not want his photo taken.

And here is a cute little photo of him getting his ultrasound. When she put the gel on the end of it and stuck it to his chest she said "Oh, it's a GIRL!!!" He was so embarrassed! He will kill me for putting this photo on here.
As we left the clinic we drove by the park. This photo doesn't show up very well buth there are tons of flowers growing there. It was so pretty.
Here are some fabrics that I purchased today. I bought 1/2 yard of each. I will just throw them in with my stash for something new.
And last but not least, here is a little fleece throw that I embroidered for Chantal's little poodle puppy, Zoey! Chantal treats here like a baby and she loves fleece throws and tries to drag the around so I made this one smaller so she can handle it better.
About all for now, probably won't get alot done tonight. I am so tired and I still need to plant some tomatoes.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Quick Post!

Just a quick little post! I've had several ask about "leather britches", I know people call them different things in different parts of the world and even the US. But I will take photos and type a post showing how I do this and then another photo after they are done. So fun and soooo good!

A little bit of sewing

I did get to do a little bit of sewing last night, but not as much as I wanted....just too sleepy. I ended up getting 18/142 blocks done last night, but I still need to iron them. I am trying to cut form my little scrap pieces. These scraps are no certain size jut odds-and-ends from different projects.

Yesterday evening, I had to meet my sister to follow her over to drop her car off at the garage. She is just getting some breaks and stuff like that done. So she needed a ride home. After I got home I was just so sleepy...I fell asleep on the couch and Andrew woke me up a few hours later. I hate this medication just makes me sleepy all the time. I have a doctor's appointment Monday and Wednesday so I am going to see if they can change it or something.

This morning, I had to take Chantal to work and Andrew to school after Hunter got on the bus. And when I pick her up this evening, we will run by to get her car. So after dropping them all off I ran by Hatfield's, which is a little country store, to pick up some more tomato plants. I picked up some of the red/yellow striped tomatoes, we really like them. As I was there he was unloading his truck and had green beans on it. I asked how much he said $10 a bushel. He opened this one up and the beans are good they are just dirty, so he said if you want this one, you can have it for $5!!!! $5 a bushel!!! Of course, I grabbed it and left!
Like I said they are good just dirty. I am giving Chantal half of them, she loves them. We are going to dry them. I don't know what everyone else calls them but here in our little part of the world we call the "leather britches" So I will probably spend the evening stringing beans, wash them, lay them on old window screens and put them outside in the sun to dry out for a few days.

While I was in town, I stopped by the junk store and only got a couple of things. These bamboo purse handles were only .25, who knows I may use them someday for something and they are still in the package.

I also picked up these dinner napkins, I thought I would throw in with my scraps. They are not store bought dinner napkins, they are just regular quilting fabric that someone has hemmed the edges to make napkins. You can tell that the fabric has never been washed or used. There is a set of 6 of these for .25 also.
So far today that is all...now I have to go outside and get Jingle Bells out of his stall and take him for a walk. He is doing fine since his surgery on Saturday but he has to be walked so that he doesn't get too stiff.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Nice complements and Puppy update!

This morning I had to take Andrew into town for his chest x-ray. His appointment with the Heart Specialist is Friday morning. So I have to take a copy of the x-ray with us. So today was the first time that I had been out since I had made my new purse on Sunday. As you know we quilter's are our own worst critics. I am always paranoid when someone else looks at my work. Even though I love my purse and was very proud that I had made it, I'm always afraid that someone else with find something that I have done wrong...I guess it's just me. I had to go to Medical Records to sign a release form to get the copy of his x-ray and the lady at the front desk went wild over my purse. At first I didn't know what to say except "Thank You" she asked where I had got it and I told her I made it. She looked at me sorta weird and asked if she could see it. And then she called for the other ladies to come and look at it. They all loved it!!! I was very proud!! I don't care what it is...purse or quilt, when someone compliments your work it really makes you feel good. But I think Andrew might have been just a little bit embarassed. :) So "Thank You" for the Bucket Tote pattern! You have made my day!!!

I stopped by Walmart to pick up some milk while I was out and they still have some of their sewing supplies on clearance. So of course, I just had to pick these little goodies up. Who knows I may use them someday.
After coming back home, I decided I would pick out a book to read while I waited for the next step for the Orange Crush quilt. Well, as you can see I have a ton of Historical Romance Novels but for the life of me, I just couldn't find anything that caught my eye. There are two more rows behind these and then I also have 5 Avon boxes full of books too. I haven't read any of them!!! When I do read one, I throw it in a box and either let mom read them or take them to the bookstore to trade back in...I'm thinking I may need to clear out some books to make more room for fabric.... :)
Puppy Update!!! There are now 3 of them. Two black ones and the brown one. The sweetest thing is...my sister's dog just had a litter of pups a few weeks ago and she lives on the property that connects with mine. Her dog is coming over and letting them nurse!!! We thought about moving the puppies over there with hers but I don't think she liked that idea so we will just let her keep making the trip back and forth as long as she wants to. I got them to eat a little so they should be fine.
So now, I guess instead of reading I will clean house until the next step for the Orange Crush is posted....HURRY, BONNIE, I HATE CLEANING!!!!!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sewing, Cleaning, and New Puppies

I have spent most of the day cleaning. The boys went back to school today, Spring Break is over. I really enjoyed them being home this past week. I even cleaned up my table that I sew at, it was a real mess. I worked on my Bucket tote the biggest part of the day yesterday and I had not cleaned up the mess.

This morning, while I was out doing the morining feeding. I found these 2 little puppies laying in the hay in front of Jingle Bells stall. Not sure where they came from, I suppose someone has dropped them off last night. I just hate when people do that. Oh well, what can I do about it, except feed the poor little things.

Here is a photo that I took of Jingle Bells this morning. As you can see he is perfectly fine after his little surgery on Saturday. We will keep him in the stall until he heals up and then turn him out in the pasture. We get him out to walk a couple of times a day so that he doesn't stiffen up back there from the surgery.
This is the only sewing that I have done today, actually the embroidery machine is going right now as I type this. That is what I love about it, just push a button and walk away. Chantal's best friend, Crystal asked me to embroider a fleece throw for her boss, since her birthday is tomorrow.
I will probably work on something later, but I'm not sure yet what it will be. I almost hate to drag everything out and make another mess.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Finally, I finished something :)

Well, the weekend is over :( Saturday was so nice and pretty outside. I didn't really get any sewing done. I did finish ironing my 4 patches for the Orange Crush, so that was a good thing! Spent most of the day outside plundering around and cleaning up the yard. Here is a photo of Andrew cleaning out one of the horse stalls....he just loves this job :) Richard had to work Friday night and got home somewhere around 9am on Saturday morning. He and Hunter loaded up Jingle Bell, Hunter's new horse, and took him to the vet. We had him gelded and Hunter wanted to go. The funny thing about it was Hunter said he wanted to go so that he could talk Jingle Bells through the surgery since he had it done a few weeks ago! We all had to laugh and explained to him that Jingle Bell's surgery would be a little different than his.

Saturday night we went into town to eat at Giovanni's Pizza. I had the craving for their baked spaghetti. After that we headed on to Walmart. Our Walmart is so generic, I don't like it at all! But anyway, Richard and Andrew needed to pick up some supplies for Turkey hunting. Of course I only came out with a quart of Reese's Cup ice cream!! mmmmmm!!!!

Today has been so nasty and rainy! We even had some sleet for a few minutes. A few days ago it hit 90 degrees and tomorrow they are giving snow showers! Crazy weather!!!

After breakfast this morning Richard went out to work on the tiller and till up for the garden. We are not putting alot of veggies out this year since we will be so busy working on the house this summer. Tomorrow I will pick up some veggie plants. While he was doing that I was doing this...

I can't believe that I actually started something and finished it in the same day. Maybe that is what I needed to get me back in the grove! I just love this Bucket Tote! It was really easy to make, actually easier than what I thought it would be. I may make another one for Mom for Mother's Day! Now I will spend the rest of the evening cleaning up my mess.

I mentioned the other night about the Dear Jane quilt! Thank you all for all the information and advice. You all have been very helpful. I do believe that I will try the Dear Jane quilt. I love working on my Civil War quilt and I think both of them would be beautiful to display in the new house...if we ever get it finished. I am in no big hurry to finish either one and don't think I will even try to set a deadline. Well, maybe I will....let's just say "I want to have them both finished within the next 5 years" :)

And last I will leave you with another photo of Donkey, he is asleep in his little house. :)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I really need to stay off of the computer!

Well, it's 1am and being on the computer this late always gets me in trouble... Now as most of you know I am working on the Civil War Diary Quilt. I have 25/121 blocks which isn't alot but it is a start. This is not a quilt that I expect to finish quickly. So I will be working on several other quilts at the same time. But stupid me starting looking at the Dear Jane!!!!! I just don't know what to do...do I order the book and cd or not?????? I really want to so bad but then again, I just don't really need another project like that. The book and cd is $65!!! hmmmmmm....maybe I should wait until I at least get the Diary quilt half way finished. I just don't know maybe I should just go to bed and think about it. What do you think, should I or shouldn't I??

Friday, April 11, 2008

My Sewing Mess

My Friday night is not so exciting! Richard has to get up at midnight to go to work, so I am trying to clean up my sewing area! It is such a mess!!!! This photo was taken after I had cleaned it up some. I always make a mess when I sew, I think it is because I am usually working on several things at one time.

The projects that I have piled out that I am working on are:

~ Civil War Diary Quilt
~ Orange Crush Mystery
~ Miniature Booty Swap
~ Bucket Tote

~ Storm At Sea Wallhanging

~ Couch Caddy

And several other little things that I have been playing around with! Richard swears that I have "Quilter's ADHD" He says that I quilt all the time and can't concentrate on just one project! That is probably why I have such a mess!

The boys and I have been watching some tv, we are having heavy rain and thunderstorms so there is not alot else to do. Andrew decided to watch "Hitman" on Pay-Per-View. I'm not much into it, but the boys seem to like it! Well....I take that back...his girlfriend just called and now he is off to his room to talk to her! Hmmm...I guess he is at the age that girlfriends come before Mommy!!!!!

I talked to Mom today and she will be home the 25th! I can't wait to see her! I miss her so much! She sounded so tired, she said she had 12 extra people to cook for today! I can't imagine, I get tired trying to cook for the 4 of us!

Oh and as you all know Fridays are my shopping day! Chantal had the day off so she went with me. We had a great time even though we had to pay bills and grocery shop! We also stopped at a new "junk store" that they just opened up in town last week. She bought 2 beach bags that still had the tags on them and I bought some books...like I need anymore but I have almost as many romance novels as I do fabric! But it was nice spending the day with her!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Now I Can Laugh About It!!!

I worked on my "Mini Booty Swap" quilt today. I got quite abit done on it. The photo is blurred just incase she reads my blog. Anyway, I'm pleased with how it is turning out and I hope she really likes it. I still have a little while before it has to be mailed. I think the deadline is May 31st.

Richard got home early today somewhere around 2pm. He started working on the house and as you can see in the photo he did make some progress. The wall that he is putting up is about 4 ft from the edge and will be the back wall of that bedroom. We will have a barn style roof so the walls will be a little slanted on the outside walls. So this wall will make the room look straight and each bedroom upstairs will have 2-6ft closets and an 8ft space between that will have a built in entertainment center or desk and book shelf areas. So that is what you see in this photo...two openings for closet doors and the 8 ft section. And if you look REAL close you can see Richard up there nailing on one of the rafters.

Now the funny part!!!! I am extremely afraid of heights!!!!! Richard has asked me for days to get up on the second floor to look how big it is and look at the view of the property from that angle. I kept refusing but today I got the big idea that I would face my fears and climb the ladder!!!!! Just as soon as I got up there I got so dizzy! I instantly started crying and I couldn't breathe. I was about to pass out! From time-to-time I have panic attacks and if you have ever had one you know how scary they are. Richard was trying to hold be and talk to me and I was just freaking out. He kept telling me I had to get back down....well that was easy for him to say. But I was not going back down that ladder and I did not want to be up there either! I started vomiting and I had to pee and all this time I couldn't breathe and was still crying. I ended up down on my hands and knees because I couldn't stand and I was trying to crawl! I was going nuts!!!
I told him I was not going down the ladder but he had to get me down. He said he would even tie a rope around me and help me down the ladder! That just wasn't going to work for me either. After about 45 minutes and 5 piles of vomit later (sorry) he said "Baby, if you can't go back down the ladder I will have to call the fire department to get you down!" So that made me worse, just thinking of the fire department having to come and get me down. In the end...he got on the ladder with me and held me as we stepped to the bottom. It was terrible!!!!!
Now that it is over I can laugh about it! Can you imagine, we live in a very small town and everyone knows everything that goes on. If the fire department had to come to get me off the SECOND floor, it would have made the front page of our newspaper! I would have died!!! In all honesty it's not even that high up, I think it was just the fact that I had to use a ladder and had no stairs and when I got up there there were no walls or anything! It just really freaked me out. So now everyone in the family is giving a hard time about it and if it had been anyone else but me I would be laughing my butt off too.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Why? Why? Why???

Hunter's appointment went just fine this morning. :) He said it looked great and he left the stitches in, he said they would come out on their own...they have been in there for 2 weeks so hopefully they will come out soon. He said he wouldn't have to come back unless he had another problem! Feels so good to hear that!

From there I took him to Borders Sporting Goods, which is a hunting store. He has been getting these Hunter Dan figures. He got the Hunter Dan Bow Hunter the day of his surgery. Then mom went back and bought him Rocky Mountain Monster which is a elk. These things can add up, the elk was $20. Today he got Beatty Buck. He has it in his head that he will eventually get them all...I guess that depends on if I ever hit the lottery!

Stopped by Walmart in Cannonsburg, bought a few little things there. They also had a clearance on some sewing things...I bought a pin coushin with pins, cheap scissors for cutting my paper templates, and this cross-stitch pattern. It is hard to see but it is "horses" I may do it some day.

I also picked up some fabrics for my Orange Crush Mystery. The blue I already had, so I decided to use it. The third one is bright orange, it looks yellow in the photo.

Last I stopped at "Sew Many Blessings Quilt Shop" So here is where my "Why? Why? Why?" comes in. Why do I not have the time, energy, and money to do all of the quilts that I want to do????? I get so disgusted sometimes! Since I am a housewife, I do have more time than some to sew but it's the energy and money that I don't have! I have tons of patterns and fabrics already that I want to do, and I can't seem to get them done. And then I always find a millon others that I want to do to! Is it just me or is everyone else like this too???

Anyway, at the quilt shop I picked up these fabrics for my "Miniature Booty Swap" I don't think she reads my blog so I will show them. For some reason they don't look anything like the photo. The big one is actually a beautiful green and the others are not pinks they are reds. I have to make a small quilt or wall hanging no bigger than 20 inches.

I also bought these charm sqaures. There are 20 different colors.

And last I picked up this little pattern. It is a wall hanging by "This & That" There is a website but for some reason I can't set up the link. It is www.thisandthatpatterns.com
And last night I finally got all of my 150-4 patches finished. This is the same photo that I took the other day but they still look the same just a few more of them. I still need to iron them, so hopefully I can get that done before she posts the next step.
I just talked to mom and can you belive she asked me if I was going to have my "Civil War Diary Quilt" finished before she got back home!!!! Of course I told her she was CRAZY! I only have 25/121!!!