Friday, January 30, 2009

Ice, Ice and more Ice!!!

Well we are still ICED in! Such a terrible time here in KY! So many people with out power and heat! I just thank God that we have both! Usually our power is the first to go since we live up on this big ridge, but so far we have been blessed that we still have power!! We are using the fireplace anyway just for extra heat. My Grandmother's power went off a couple of days ago and my aunt was able to get to her and take her home with her. And my brother's power is off too. They have a generator so they have been using it. They have 3 small children so he is basically getting up every 1 1/2 hours to fill the generator back up with fuel. Gotta keep those babies warm!

Here is a video that was taken yesterday. This is the same road that was in the video in my last post. As you can see the ice is heavier! Oh, and if you listen closely you can hear a tree fall! The trees are dropping like flies! That is one of the reasons that we are having so many power outages here. I read online on the news that 75% of our county was without power!

This is the field behind the house here! I think it looks beautiful! If you look in the distance you can see why they call this place "The Top Of The World"

Richard was getting restless being inside so long so I just sent the camera with him while he was going out walking. This is our little branch that runs on our property. I know that country living is not for everyone, but I just love living here, even though I am stranded at the moment!

Mom got to come home from work today! For those of you that don't know my mom is a cook on a tugboat! She works 28 days at a time. So today she had a terrible time trying to come home. She made it to the end of our road which is about a mile away. We took Richard's truck which is a 4x4 and could only get part of the way to her. So we walked down and met her, helped her carry her things to the truck and took her on home. Then we took the kids to stay with her at her house, drove the truck as far as we could out of our road, then out out and walked to her car which was about 1/2 mile away! Then we drove in to town!! I was out of Diet Pepsi!!!! :) Well, I wanted to get a few things, like milk, bread, horse feed and things like that. Just to make it through for a few more days. I have tons of food stocked in the cabinets and freezer it is just the odds and ends that we needed. The worst part of it was having to carry it back to the truck! Giggle....I am short and tubby and let's just say that I don't walk every fast! But anyway, we are back home now!

Looks like we are getting another storm coming in on Monday! Last night the weather on the news said a "major snow storm coming in for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday!" So if it does, we should be fine for another week!!!!

Now on the quilty things! I haven't been sewing that much! Just mostly a little bit of handquilting. Looking through tons of quilt books and magazines, sorting fabrics and things like that. I have all the time in the world right now to sew but just haven't done it. Maybe I will in a day or so.

Well, that is about all for now, hopefully I will have some quilt news to post about next time!



Anonymous said...

So pretty there, even in winter with all that snow and ice! Love to see pics in spring with everything green! PS-that puppy is very cute!!!

Amelia said...

Really liked the to see the cold area in the warmth of my office.

I know you are glad that your Mom is home. How has Chantel been going to work - or has she - or is she staying in town?

You be careful and slip or fall! Don't want any broken bones...oh by the way how are your fingers?

Cindy said...

I DID hear that tree falling. It's almost like the puppy came running to see what it was.

I had no idea it got this bad in Kentucky. Hubby and I were both born and raised 60 miles south of Buffalo, NY so we know "Snow Country". But - I do have to say - it is beautiful....atleast for a postcard...LOL

QuiltedSimple said...

Oh I love your videos - I'd love to live in an area like that. Way too pretty for words! And I would rather have ice over snow any day - I just got stuck in our driveway for 3 hours - not fun!!! Take care and I hope your power stays on!

Carol VR said...

It's suppose to be minus 27 with windchill tonight and Dakota is camping OUTSIDE in Arctic tents with the cadets....BURRR!!!!

I can see why it's the top of the world where you live.

Absolutely beautiful.

Rhonda said...

Kristie, so happy that you have power. Boy, that is a lot of snow and ice. I'll be praying for everyone in and around your state.

Michelle said...

I loved the videos. Although ice is a pain, the scenery is just beautiful!

Take care and don't do any involuntary shoe skating!

Stay warm!

Gina said...

You live in a beautiful place.

Keep safe and warm.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Guðrún said...

It looks so peaceful, is your mom´s house the only one in the neighborhood?

Sandi said...

Kristie, I too heard the tree fall spooky we had a severe ice storm here in December and lost 2 trees next to the house and I will NEVER forget that sound (or the sound when it hit the roof) take care and I hope the power stays for you - ours stayed on but had several houseguests for the week whose power was out.

Cindy said...

I just love how you put video on there :) That is really nice. Thanks for sharing! Glad your mom could make it home to be with you. Hope that storm coming your way fizzles out and gives you guys a break! Good luck!