Monday, January 26, 2009

Preparing For ICE!

I'm sure by now you all are tired of seeing the photos of this quilt! :) But here it is all finished and folded up, ready to be put away! It sure feels good to have another one finished.

I am now working on the binding on the other quilt, the Hole In The Barndoor. Hope to have it finished tomorrow! I really enjoy doing the bindings.

No sewing yet, today! Just trying to prepare of bad weather. The boys have been helping me get lots of firewood ready. We are expecting some ICE within the next few days. Seems like everytime we get ice our power goes off, and living back here we are usually out for a few days. So I've got lots of wood ready, lots of jugs of water and tons of food! We got about 1 inch of snow last night and I already can't get out of my driveway! :) Richard parks at the end of the driveway when weather gets bad so he can get out for work. Anyway the boys and I have been working hard today.

We were to have a quilt guild meeting this morning but it was cancelled! Which was fine because I could not get there anyway! :)

So were have a big fire roaring in the fireplace, a huge pot of chilli cooking and I plan on snuggling on the couch tonight and working on my binding! :) Sounds good doesn't it? :)


Suzan said...

Stay warm! We are expecting ice on Wednesday night. I sure hope it will just be snow!!

Michelle said...

It sounds wonderful! (The chili does too!)

Yvette said...

Stay warm!

I have never been in such cold. I was freezing this morning when it was 50 degrees. LOL!

Amelia said...

Well you all seemed to be prepared - which is great.

We have ice here...lots of car wrecks...many schools/businesses are cancelled..not supposed to get any better until Wed and at this point the predicted high will be 40.

Leon has the generator all ready in case our electricity goes out.

I am so thankful we are both retired and don't have to face the roads to and from work.

Lurline said...

I can't imagine it being so cold - I love cold weather here, but don't know how I would cope there - would love to experience it anyhow - how's your hand?
Hugs - Lurline♥

countrychicken said...

Love the quit!! I can see that your hand is not keeping you down. We have a winter storm watch starting late tomorrow so I was thinking the same thing - lets get prepared.

Anonymous said...

A fire going and chili to eat.. sounds like a nice quiet evening at home! It would be great to get that other binding on too, 2 more quilts done, perfect timing too, with the cold weather comming in!

KyQuiltlady said...

Congradulations on two at one time! Use that quilt tonight. I am glad they canceled today also. I didn't go to any of the meetings if they had the others. Hope the electric don't go off. We got a generator also but I hate the noise they make. I am also afraid to have these sewing machines running on them cause afraid it might surge and the computer mess up in them. I don't take a chance.

craftycherry said...

Sure does sound good. Im sorry to sound like a broken record here...but....ITS HOT!!! No weather at all to takle samwhiching my two quilts that need doing and before long Ill have the third top finished. Im a bit panicked at the thought of getting behind on the quilting as I just dont have any desirre to do so at present (i hop its just the weather)
Love Cherry

QuiltedSimple said...

Sounds like you have a plan - and a good one (although to me any plan that involves food is good - hehe). Love the quilt - glad to see it all finished and folded up! Stay warm!

Gina said...

Ooo chilli. Can I come to dinner please.

love and hugs Gina xxx

Winona said...

Hi Kristie, I am glad to see that your hand isn't keeping you from all quilting. Your quilt turned out very nice. Hope you don't lose power. We had a horrible ice storm in Dec. 2007. No power for 6 days and nights. I about went bonkers, but at least we had a wood stove, so we kept warm. Sounds like you are prepared. Stay safe and warm.

Guðrún said...

I am not tired of seeing that quilt, great it is finished! How do you get that ice, is it snow and then rain or rain in cold weather???

Cindy said...

I have a pot of chili on too. I might get the binding on my exchange tonight. Then I can tuck in and whip it down later! Sounds good.