Sunday, May 10, 2009

Daisy Nine Patch

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day! I certainly did, but it would have been better if I had been able to have seen Mom. She will be home on the 22nd!
I quilted another quilt today on the frame! This quilt is just a simple nine patch that was made for my niece. Here is the story...A few years ago my SIL (brother's wife) lost her precious grandmother. They were very close. When she passed away she left Kellie (SIL) and my brother, John her home and everything in it. As they sorted through her things they found a large box of fabric. They gave it to me! :) This quilt was made from some of the fabric that was in the box. I thought that it might be special for my niece to have a quilt made with fabrics that belonged to her great grandmother.
I think the fabrics in this are from 70's. I just did a simple stipple on this one. It is a QUEEN size quilt. That may seem large for a 7 yr old girl but she has a queen size bed.
I almost have the binding finished on the baby quilt that I did yesterday. After it is finished I will work on the binding on this one. I think I will give this to her for Christmas.
Here is another photo of Donkey, just kicked back and taking it easy! Silly cat! I get so much enjoyment out of just watching him sleep! :)

I probably will not get another quilt on the frame tomorrow, but hopefully Tuesday or Wednesday I can. Meanwhile, I will work on bindings!



Yvette said...

What a nice thing to do with all those fabrics. She is going to love it!

Cyn ;-) said...

Great quilt and super present... what a lovely thing to do for your niece.
OMGoodness, you are sewing and quilting up a storm. Whatever you're taking, I want some. LOL

Kelly Ann said...

Finally Donkey makes an appearance. What a thoughtful quilt, very from the heart...

Lurline said...

You sure are into this quilting - nice! All is looking lovely!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Michelle said...

Hey girl! Slow down! I'm so glad you are enjoying your quilter. Looks like you are doing an amazing job. This quilt, along with all the quilts you have done look wonderful. Go Kristie!!!
be blessed!

Julia said...

It will be a very special quilt for your niece Kristie..
I'm so enjoying seeing the quilts as you bring them out to quilt..
Hugs julia ♥

Amelia said...

Love the quilt...and glad to hear your Mother's Day was one you enjoyed too.

That Donkey is quite the cat. Now aren't you glad he has become part of the family?

Ruth's Place said...

What a lovely gesture.

I love your cat pictures.

Guðrún said...

How long time does it take you to quilt one quilt?

julieQ said...

Wow, what a wonderful gift, great quilt! Your kittie looks absolutely boneless. Looks likek you are loving your new quilting set-up!

KyQuiltlady said...

You sure are getting those quilts quilted and doing a very good job with them. They have all looked so good. Also keeping up with those bindings.

Cindy said...

That is such a nice thing of you to do
;) The quilt came out really nice! :) You just can't beat stippling. I'll be trying a panto tomorrow if get the back together :

Norma said...

It is so much fun watching you work your way through all those quilts! It is like a private showing of Kristi's quilts. Glad you had a good Mother's Day and I know your mom is looking forward to a day with you when she gets home.

Sara said...

Hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day.
That quilt looks great! I am sure your niece will cherish it.

Donkey - such positions!

QuiltedSimple said...

Happy belated Mother's Day! I love the colors on this quilt - your niece will cherish it. How great that you can finish it up - it will be the perfect Christmas present!