Friday, May 8, 2009

Thrift Store Goodies!

I am sooooo tired of all this rain! More to come tonight! Actually they are saying severe thunderstorms and 1-3 inches of rain through tomorrow. That will be horrible considering the ground is already soaked.

Yesterday there was a little break in the rain so I thought I would go out an clean the flowerbed. I wanted to add more mulch in there and I needed to clean it up nicely first.

So here I was pulling weeds (the things around the tree stump are actually flowers, not weeds :) Anyway, I saw something move out of the corner of my eye, there are always lizards that stay around that tree stump so I didn't think much about it, then I almost stepped on it! A SNAKE!!! Not a poisonous one but still scared me enough to almost wet my pants. :) So back inside I went!

This morning, I had to do my grocery shopping and I ran by the thrift store. First off I got this shoebox full of thread on WOOD spools so it is old. There are 89 vintage spools and I only paid $2! I think I will put them in some BIG jars or something to display them.

And I bought 10 more 6000yd spools for my quilting machine. All 10 spools are new and were in plastic, I just took it off for the photo to show the colors. It is made by the same company that makes Signature thread. I tried it before in my quilting machine and it worked great. So each spool has 6000 yds and she charged me 2/$1.oo. I am soooo happy with them.
I wanted to put another quilt on the frame but I will not get to today. Hunter has a friend coming home with him from school to spend the night. So I will be busy with them! :)
And this photo is for Lisa! This is my little Smokey, he weighs about 4lbs. He needs to be groomed, his hair is so long on top that I had to put it up with a ponytail holder. :) When Lisa and her family came down for their visit, she fell in love with him. He is very sweet!
Well, I'm off to clean the house for the weekend!


Kelly Ann said...

You could have warned us...that snake almost made me wet my pants. BTW, Donkey is not happy that you didn't post of picture of him.

Michelle said...

WOW-ee!!!! Nice haul, Kristie!!!

Winona said...

Hi Kristie,
I agree with Kelly Ann. I am shivering just thinking about a snake. LOL You found some good bargains. You asked me about the pattern for the rooster quilt. I found it in old quilting magazine. It is the April 2000 issue of Quick and Easy Quilting. I save all my old quilting magazines. Sometimes what didn't interest me at the time, does years later. LOL You can go to a site called and find lots of free applique patterns. They even have a nice rooster pattern. I hope you have a Happy Mother's Day. Winona

Amelia said...

I agree with you about the rain...seems like it has rained practically every day for the last two weeks. Snakes - don't like them at all....even if some are "good" snakes.

Quite a buy on the will certainly get your money's worth. I ran across a buy similar to that several weeks ago...most of it is good (almost new).

Have a wonderful Mother's Day - Is your Mother here or hard to keep up with her schedule.

KyQuiltlady said...

You got a good buy. I have bought some of that myself. Can you believe I have emptied some of those spools. You will also before you complete those 70 quilts. It takes a lot of thread when stippling close.

That snake makes me shiver! I don't like any kind of snakes.

Anonymous said...

Made me laugh, snakes don't bother me much but to see a tick I'll itch for days thinking about it!
Good deal on the thread!!
Smokey is a sweetie, he has the cutest personality!!

Tazzie said...

You got some amazing bargains Kristie, I never thought of scouting our local thrift store for supplies.

Guðrún said...

Do you both have lizards and snakes? The shoebox with the spools is very colourful.

Libby said...

Oh Lord! That is a BIG snake!

Erin Hutchinson said...

What a great buy on the thread! You know, I am reading backwards, trying to catch up with you. When I last read your blog, you didn't have a quilting machine, you were sending your tops off to be quilted when you could. I'm thinking there must be a purchase or gift of a machine coming up soon in your!
Erin (Vesuviusmama)