Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Donkey's Quilt

It has been a long week for us. Thank you all so much for all your kind words for my boys. They are very sad and it is hard not being able to make it all better for them when they are hurt and upset.

This morning, mom and I made a trip to town. Didn't really buy anything, just looked around. She is gone for 28 days at a time on that boat so she likes to get out some when she is home. Anyway, when we got back home, I quilted a small quilt top for Donkey, my cat. I pieced it not long after we got him, because there was a certain place that he wanted to sleep all of the time. It is very simply pieced but it will serve it's purpose.
I quilted it with the "Blackberry" pantograph. I really like this design, I do plan on using it again for some of my others.
Richard came home a few minutes ago, sick as he could be. He looks terrible! He got out of the truck ( I always meet him outside when he comes home, because I can hear his truck coming and I still get excited knowing he is home ) anyway, he got out of the truck and he was just as pale as he could be. He was like a pasty white color. I instantly asked what was wrong, he answered "I am sick" He came in the house and didn't even sit down, just kicked his boots off and took some Motrin and went straight to bed. He has only been in bed for about 30 minutes, but I will go and check on him in a little bit. I sure hope it is not that nasty flu!
Hopefully tomorrow I can get my other nephew's quilt on the frame. It should not take too long to quilt. I planned on doing it yesterday but I had to deal with the dog issue. I'm going to try to work on a little bit of piecing tonight if I can.


Libby said...

I love Donkey!! Hope Richard feels better soon! It's no fun when your man is sick!

Amelia said...

Poor Richard...lets hope it is short period of being sick. Donkey will think he is special (and he is) to have this quilt.

Kelly Ann said...

Sorry to hear about Richard...Yeah for Donkey...he rules!

jillquilts said...

Love the quilt! The panto looks neat! I hope that Richard feels better soon!!!

Texan said...

Your kitty quilt is so nice ... the quilting is super... :O)

I hope your honey gets to feeling better fast and I hope its not that flu too!!