Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fun with the little ones!

Well I survived watching my brother's two boys yesterday. I was nervous about being able to keep up with them. So late Thursday night, I baby proofed my living room and kitchen! Hunter is 7 so I don't have to worry about things with him. Anyway all went well and we had a wonderful time!!!

This is Zeph, he is 3 and he has a mind of his own! He was the best little thing. He kept looking out the windows at the animals. From the living room windows you can see 4 of the horses and the steer. He was in love with the animals! Then at one point when he was looking out at the animals he was stretching his neck and asked "Where is the farmer?" So I had to tell him that Richard was at work! :)
This is Gabe, he just turned 1, a couple of weeks ago!! He is such a sweetie too! He has just learned to walk! So he stays on the run!
I spread a queen size quilt out in the middle of the floor and moved the coffee table in front of the fireplace, so that I would not have to worry about them getting in to it. I filled up a box with some of Hunter's toys and dumped them in the middle of the quilt! That kept them happy all day!!! As you can see here, Gabe loved the box!!!
I called John last night and asked about watching his little girl one day this week. She was in school yesterday so she didn't get to come. She and Hunter are the same age. The kids are out of school all week.
Of course, I did not get any sewing done yesterday but I did finish this up Thursday night! Don't ask what I will use if for because I do not know. I started out with the idea of making a doggie bed for smokey, but it is a little hard. I made this pillow which measures 18" square out of flannel and started filling it with my cutoffs and scrap pieces that were too small to use for anything else. So after months of stuffing it, it is finished.
Here it is before I sewed the opening together. As you can see it is full of scraps! Actually we weighed it and it weighs 20lb!!!! The boys teased that they were going to use it in pillow fights, I told them they would knock someone unconscious with it!!!
Today I will be doing my grocery shopping for the week! :( I don't like doing that, but I guess that we have to eat! I also have to bake for the Thanksgiving Dinner that will be at Church tomorrow!


Libby said...

Those boys are adorable!! Those eyes!! Little boys are so much fun! I love your plaid pillow, just don't let it fall on your toe!LOL!
Good Luck with your Saturday shopping!UGH! I'm putting mine off until Monday! Have a great weekend!

Michelle said...

What adorable boys! Oh, I just love kissing little ones....and hugging them until they squirm! So glad you had a good day

Have fun at the grocery store. Louie and I will be buying groceries too, but first, we're going junkin'!
Love ya!

jillquilts said...

LOL The pillow would knock someone out!! I thought about making something like that for my dogs, but now I don't think I will! :)

What adorable boys!!

KyQuiltlady said...

The boys are so cute!!! I know you had fun. And I can tell they had fun also. My what a heavy pillow!!!! If those boys get hurt with that they will get you for child abuse. LOL

Guðrún said...

I don´t like grocery shopping either. I had my little 3 yrs old angel over the weekend, so I was busy like you.