Thursday, March 22, 2012

Anyone want to barter or trade???

I bought this pattern several weeks ago and posted about it on my blog. It is "Hugs & Kisses" by Jaybird Quilts. I just love it! The photo is a little dark but the quilt on the cover is very bright and cheery. Most of the fabrics that I have are Civil War Reproductions but I wanted to make this quilt in calicos!!

After I ordered the pattern, I remembered seeing this set of calicos at the quilt shop. My next trip down there I picked up a fat quarter of each of the BRIGHTER ones. They had several more but they had mostly a white background or they were a very light pastel print and I wanted BRIGHT.On the back of the pattern it has basic yardage requirements for different sizes. I want to make a queen size and it calls for about 9 yards of prints.
I picked up 3 yards in fat quarters at the shop and found a few scrap pieces in my stash. Mom gave me a couple of scrap pieces too. So here is my question......Does anyone want to trade? I would love your calico scraps! As long as they are at least 2.5" wide then I can use them. If so just let me know what you would like in return for them.

Thanks so much and I am looking forward to a little swapping!



Coloradolady said...

Let me look and see what I might have. I don't mind sending you some!

Cheryl Willis said...

email me your snail mail, I will send 2 1/2 each of what I have, would be nice to see it getting used. I am cutting this weekend so no problem.

Janet O. said...

I checked my stash, Kristie. Thought I had some scraps someone else gave me, but no luck so far. Sorry.

Cassandra said...

I love the fabric you picked out! Can't wait to see the quilt progress! :)

Saska said...

I have lots of calicos. Let me know for sure which colors you need.