Friday, August 3, 2012

40 and Exploding!

LOL!  You will figure the title out to this post once you read it.  :)  A little more progress on my baskets!  I am up to 40 now!!!!  40 finished and 10 more prepped and ready to go!  Not sure if I will get anymore finished this weekend or not, but I sure hope so.  

 I was sorting through some of my fabric and found some Hot Wheels yardage.  I think mom may have picked this up for Hunter.  Anyway, you know how rough little boys are on quilts, so I don't really want to do anything major with it.  Since there is 3 yards of it,  I cut it in half and planned on just quickly sewing those two pieces together, throwing a border on it and have it ready to be quilted but then I had second thoughts...

I did plan on just cutting the part of the brick wall off of the bottom of the top one so that all of the brick wall pieces would be the same size, but after stepping back and looking at it, I should really line up those cars, shouldn't I?  I wanted this to be a twin size and I'm thinking that if I trim the sides up so that all the cars are even and add a small black inner border and then the outer border it should measure out to be twin.  So, I really should line those cars up....right?  I'm thinking that if I don't then I will always wish that I had.  LOL!  I also found some green yardage that I will use for the outer border.  
 A few posts back, I mentioned that I had a can of compressed air that exploded upstairs because it was sooooo hot up there.  Well on and off, I keep hearing something exploding in my sewing room but every time I would go up there I couldn't find anything.  Yesterday during the heat of the day, I was up there getting some thread for a basket block that I was working on and I head the "exploding" sound while I was up there.  I found out what it was all of this time...batteries!  These are the laser lights that I use on my quilting machine.  I have several and lots of batteries.  I usually just throw the batteries in this little container when they get low and need to be changed and keep them because sometimes I have to reuse them.  
 Not sure if you can tell by this photo but if you look close you can see where several of them have exploded.  See why I keep complaining about the heat upstairs??  I would love to be able to stay up there most of the day and sew at times but it is just unbearable up there.  
 Anyway, this will be a busy weekend.  Tomorrow morning we will be going to a yard sale starting in the next county over.  It is an annual yard sale that goes 100+ miles, the first weekend in August. I used to go every year but haven't been able to go for the past few years.  This year I've saved a little back and we are going!!!!  We never make it all of the way through but we always have fun.  My sister is going too but not riding with us, she has to leave early.  I just talked to her on the phone earlier and she said she hadn't slept good for days, just excited about the yard sale!  LOL!  Anyway, I have plans to look for stuff for the house.  Of course, Hunter wants to look for toys and Richard wants to look for tools, since a lot of his were stolen back in May.  He has since replaced several of them  but not all of them.  So Saturday will be a long and tiresome day and then we have Church on Sunday.  I will have to rest up the first of the week!  LOL!

Have a wonderful and Blessed day


Regina said...

too funny on the batteries =- that IS hot!!! Hope it is reasonable temps for your marathon yard sale -sounds like lots of fun! Find some treasures!

Texan said...

I would love to go to that yard sale! Yikers on the batteries.

Terry said...

I love your basket blocks! It must be unbelievably hot to make those batteries explode!

Michelle said...

Wow, I've never heard of batteries exploding. Now that MUST be hot! Since heat rises, you should have lot of quilting time this winter, right?
Have a great Sunday!