Friday, August 24, 2012

Our Little Trip

 As I mentioned in my last quick post....RICHARD PASSED!  This have been a long time coming and he has worked so hard for it.  I am so proud of him.  So thankful for all of the prayers along the way too.  Means so much to us.  

So if you are interested, here is how our little trip went....

Right after Church on Sunday morning we headed out to Johnson City, TN.  That is where his state nursing board exam was held.  We stayed in a hotel about a half a block from where he was testing.  

Here he is the night before the test, doing some last minute studying.
I had such big plans sewing while in the car and at the hotel, but I never even got it out of the plastic bags!  LOL!  I was having too much fun watching the boys enjoy themselves.  It had been so long since we had gone anywhere that they were both excited.  

 Richard had to be at the testing center at 7:30am, Monday morning.  The boys and I stayed at the hotel and waited on him.  As you can see, they were enjoying themselves.  I was so glad that Andrew as able to get off from work to go with us.  
 Richard came back after a few hours and he was not thrilled at all.  I asked him what was wrong and he said, "I think I failed it"  I think because it was a timed exam and so important, he was just overly nervous.  So we tried to cheer him up and laugh about it.  

It was around 11am when we packed up and left.  As we walked to the car, this is what was parked beside us.  The boys were excited so we stopped and took some photos of them.  

 And of course they did not believe me when I said that I didn't know when I booked the hotel....but look what was right beside our hotel!!!  LOL!  
 I made a quick trip in and was really disappointed with what I saw. I picked up two 1/2 yd cuts for less than $7 and was on my way!  
At this point we were 60 miles from Ashville, NC and my mom kept saying that we were too close not to go see Biltmore.  She had gone there a few years ago and loved it.  Andrew had been wanting to go for years too.  So with tickets gifted from mom, we went to Biltmore!  Oh my gosh!  If you have never been, it is really something to see.  It is beyond me how someone could build a house like this in the late 1800's and it even has a swimming pool and bowling alley in the basement!  No photos were allowed to be taken on the inside but if you click here you can see some of the interior.  
It is huge!  Look at the buses in front, that will give you an idea how big this HOUSE is.  I think they said it had something like 250 rooms.  
BTW...that is the top of my head in the photo.  :)

 After a long day at Biltmore, we spent the night in Ashville.  Got up early Tuesday morning and drove about 25 miles to Chimney Rock.  The website shows better photos, my photos just show what the view looks like from the top.  
 It was very nice, but I am afraid of heights so I had a hard time looking down.  :)
 Then we made the 5 hour journey back home to Kentucky.  We had a great time but we were very tired and it felt so good to sleep in my own bed.  

Richard was still nervous and they said it could take up to 14 days before he knew the results.  Late Wednesday evening he got an email that he had PASSED!  We thanked the Lord for it all, I cried myself to sleep and Richard is still smiling!  :)  Now to find a job....

Have a wonderful and Blessed day!


Joanne said...

How wonderful for your husband - Congratulations to him!
Your photos of your trip are amazing - nice to learn about different places - off to see more pictures of Biltmore - wow!

Barbara said...

Kristie, I've been following Richard's progress and am so very pleased that he succeeded. He is clearly a very determined and methodical person as well as being a hard worker and very focused. I am so happy for you all! My best wishes to Richard in finding a good job near to home.

Janet O. said...

This whole post is just great! I'm glad you got to take in some sites on the way home. That Biltmore house is unreal--something you'd expect to see in England.
Here's hoping a job is found soon!

lil red hen said...

Congratulations to Richard!! I'm sure a good job will be coming his way real soon!

How wonderful that your family got to take the trip together.

Yvette said...

It was really nice that you could all have a little well deserved vacation. I am sure Richard will have no problem finding a job. I wouldn't be surprised that by this time next year he will have been promoted many times too.

julieQ said...

I am so proud of Richard...and you for supporting him all the way!! Glad you had a little break too...

Dirt Road Quilter said...

So happy that you were able to take a little time away together after Richard's test. It sounds like that was just what the doctor ordered to alleviate some of the stress and it sounds like you had a wonderful time. Praying for the right job for Richard!

Floss said...

congratulation to Richard.
Glad you had a good trip. Biltmore looks incrediable.