Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Another one on the frame!

 Last night after getting my Scrappy Strings off the frame, I cut batting for 12 more tops!  I usually try to cut for several at a time.  This is the last of my roll.  :(
 I also loaded a top of mine on the frame.  It is a simple 9 patch that I made at least 12 years ago.  It is the oldest of my tops that I have that are not quilted, so I figured I should get it out of the way.  :)
 I had to laugh at myself when I put it on the frame as it was far from perfect.  :)  Glad that I have grown as a quilter over the years.  

I hope to get this off the frame late tonight, but then again that might not be possible.  I have already canned some Orange Crush Jelly and now I have the canner full of pinto beans!  Hubby could eat those 24/7.  LOL!  


Lady of the Cloth said...

Orange crush jelly? Sounds wonderful, how do you make it. With soda pop? Do tell, my friend!

Janet O. said...
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Janet O. said...

I should always proofread more carefully before hitting the "publish" button! : )
I recognize that floral print in your 9-patch. I believe it was in a few of my early quilts, in one color-way or another.
Doesn't it feel good to be getting some of your tops finished?

Michelle said...

Good job getting an "oldie" up on the frame and quilted! And wow...that's a lot of batting waiting to be quilted! :)