Thursday, November 21, 2013

In My Sewing Room...

 I've been really busy the past few days sewing.  I got this 9 patch off the frame and it is now in the pile to have the binding sewn on. 
 I also quilted this lap WVU quilt.  The binding is already on it and the quilt is now gone.  :)
 I've been up in my sewing room for hours today.  :)  I have been piecing on this quilt.  This is an older photo but I don't have the other pieces up on the design wall yet.  I love working with browns. 
 I also took a few minutes to play around with these apple cores.  I have more cut and ready to sew.  A great use of scraps!
 Last I will leave you with a photo of Leo and Mammy!  Leo was trying to sleep and Mammy wanted to play.  Can you tell Leo was annoyed?  LOL!  These two dogs crack me up!  They love each other so much.
 Back to the sewing room! 


Janet O. said...

Oh, you are making one of those quilts that Bonnie just made for her brother! Great! I love browns, too!
Are you machine or hand stitching your apple cores? I was gifted some already cut and haven't attempted assembly yet. Don't know which way to go.
It is a good thing Leo and Mammy are friends, because Leo DOES look quite annoyed! : )

Amy said...

Love the blocks in brown you're working on. I'm making one like that in oranges. The apple core quilt is one I'm wanting to make in scrappy scraps too. Your sweet dogs are adorable.