Sunday, November 3, 2013

Machine quilting another...

 If you remember the other day I got the borders sewn on this scrap string quilt.  So I loaded it on the frame...
 This is as far as I got on it...not far at all.  :)  Actually, I have this sinus/allergy/cold thing going on and I haven't accomplished much of anything today.  :(  I am quilting it with the "Dazzle" panto, one of my favorites to use.  It is a simple design but gives a lot of definition to the quilt. 
 As most of you know, during the summer I sew downstairs because it is just too hot upstairs and this is the machine that I used this past summer.  It is a Singer 328K Style-O-Matic.  I finally closed her up for the winter the other day.  :(  Right now she sits in the corner of my dining room.  She is all cleaned, oiled, and ready to go again for next summer.  She sews great!  Richard made the little comment that I have a machine in every room!  Well, I don't!!!  Hehehe!  I don't have one in the laundry room, Hunter's room, or the bathrooms.  :)  LOL!  Jerk!!!
 I also baked a nice apple pie the other day!  It is all gone now but it was so good.  I made it using my homemade apple pie filling that I canned earlier. 
 Last here is Mammy!!!  She will be 13 weeks old tomorrow.  I weighed her this morning at 30 pounds exactly.  I love her to death but she is a Holy Terror!!!  Wow!  I don't know how one dog can have that much energy.  She is a handful but her feelings are so easily hurt.  :( 
 I'm off to take some cold meds and hopefully go to bed soon.  


Michelle said...

Feel better! And tell Richard I have 4 machines in my living room, 9 in my office, 3 in my kitchen, and I'm not saying how many I have in my basement! Your quilt is lovely, and Mammy is just so cute! Have a great week!

Michelle said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Janet O. said...

I love the rail fence in all its scrappy glory!
I hope you saved me a slice of pie!
You know I would like to help alleviate the machine crowding issue! : )

Anita said...

Hope you are feeling lots better. I've been fighting a Bronchitis/sinus infection for the last week. Finally coming out of the fog. Get better soon.