Thursday, February 27, 2014

I finally got this baby off the frame!  I call it, Civil War Wreaths.  It is one of my favorites, maybe because of the red.  I love red!!!  I had Richard and Hunter hang it from a beam over my living room so that I could get a photo of all of it.  
 A photo of the back.  A simple panto of leaves.
 I also pieced 24 more bow tie blocks!  I think I have 511 of them finished.  

That's all....getting the boys out the door this morning for school and work and then Richard and I are heading out to buy him new shoes.  Shoes don't last long when he is on his feet all night long.  His nursing job requires him to wear white shoes.  They have to be mostly white and that is harder to find nowdays.  He also has to wear solid white scrub pants and top.  Do you know how hard it is to keep them looking white??  :(


Janet O. said...

That quilt turned out gorgeous, Kristie!
Well, Richard's scrubs will earn their name as you scrub to keep them white! : )

Michelle said...

Great's beautiful! I've recently discovered soaking whites in vinegar (about 1 1/2 cups per load for a few hours or overnight). There is something in the water (I'm guessing) here in Wyoming that make the whites look dingy, but vinegar helps brighten them up! :)

Regina said...

Lovely! I like the panto - it has such nice movement to it.

Michelle said...

The quilt is beautiful. As for Richard's shoes, go to a shoe store and buy SAS shoes. They are lightweight and COMFORTABLE! They are also diabetic approved (not that that is an issue) but Louie and I have worn them for decades.You might even find them at a pharmacy. I wear them to work, and I work 10 hour days on cement! They come in all colors, including white! They are expensive, so I buy mine off ebay for very little. I don't mind used.

ruthsplace said...

Your quilt looks fabulous!

Anita said...

The quilt is lovely. Do you know the name of the leaves panto and the designer. I don't think I've seen it before.