Sunday, February 9, 2014

I'm a bouncer!

 Everyday I struggle with Adult ADD this affects everything from my housework to my quilting.  The past several days have been a big struggle to keep on track with everything.  In my housework I am constantly making lists and I also do that in my quilting but this time you can really tell that I have bounced from project to project.  I think all of this snowy weather has had something to do with my change in mood.  

First off, I worked on these blocks.  I cut them out from my scrap basket a few months ago.  I have 19 blocks finished and need a total of 30 for the quilt that I have planned.  The rest of the blocks are cut out, I just need to sew them together. 
 I finished appliqueing another Dresden.  I think this is block 9 or 10.  I have all of the blocks pieced they just need to be appliqued to the background.  I need to do a total of 20 of them, so this should make me halfway.
 I played around for a new quilt for Andrew's bed.  I am working on my Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt for Hunter and wanted to do something for Andrew too.  I love this block but it measures less than 8" so I would need a million of them for his queen size bed.  I love the block but I hate making them so I moved on to something else.  I do think I will piece about 4 of them to make a little table topper for his nightstand. 
 Still playing around with the same blues, I pieced this block.  I enjoy piecing them, they are quick and easy. 
 I have more cut and ready do sew!
 While working on all of the above projects, I pieced more bow ties for my leader/ender project.  I have 378 of them and for the quilt that I want to make I need around 1100.
 I also pieced a few apple cores. 
 While pressing my bow ties I found that I had mixed up a couple backgrounds.  I started to rip them out but just left them.  I don't figure that in a quilt of 1100, 3 inch bow ties that you would even notice them. 
 When I came down stairs from sewing this evening this is what I saw....Richard snuggled on the couch with one of my quilts.  :)  I love this quilt....and I love him.  :)
The weather here has been horrible.  Hunter has only had 5 days of school since before Christmas break!!!  I figured that they would have school Monday but I just looked out and it is pouring snow....again.  :(  


Janet O. said...

Well, you may be bouncing, but everything you bounce to is wonderful, Kristie!
I am loving those churn dash blocks, and the Dresdens, and the blue/neutral blocks (my favorite 2 color combo), and the apple cores, and .... well, you get the idea.
Oh my goodness, I didn't realize Hunter had been out of school that much! Will he be going to school halfway through the summer? Yikes!

Michelle said...

Well for Adult ADD, you sure are getting a lot done! Good job!

Deb A said...

Bounce, Bounce...... I did the snails trail as a 12 inch block. I can shoot you the link where I found the free pattern if you would like.
Such pretty projects you have going on.
Don't you love seeing your loved ones snuggled under a quilt you made.

Deb A said...
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Michelle said...

Oh my...I think all quilters have a bit of ADD. LOL Your projects are awesome and I love to see the progress you're making on each one. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...LOL

Gina said...

Love all the blocks. We all work on two or three projects at a time. Life would be boring otherwise xxx

Amy said...

I have ADD & I wish I could get 1/3 the stuff done that you get done. Most times I can't even get started on anything because my thoughts are all over the place. Your work is beautiful. I love the snails trail block & want to make one soon. Need to find an easy tutorial.

traditional_quilter said...

Your blocks are all very lovely! You have been a busy gal. Have a great day!

Regina said...

at least you do dribs and drabs - better than bouncing and doing nothing! :-) The weather has me antsy, too.... I miss my garden!