Sunday, May 4, 2014

Loss of a loved one and some hand piecing...

 The past several days have been really rough.  Richard's precious grandmother, Juanita passed away in the wee hours on May 3rd.  She lived a long life of 93 years.  She was very precious to him as she raised him.  She was a very strong Christian lady that is much better off in heaven than on this old earth.  I loved her and I will miss her.  I believe in my heart that Richard would not be the man he is today had it not been for her.  He is a good man with great manners and lots of old-fashion morals.  Remember Richard in your prayers as the next few days will be difficult for him.  He stays busy anyway but he is really trying to occupy himself.  Men sometimes deal with things like that I guess.  It is 10:30pm right now and he is at the sawmill sawing up logs in the dark.  He has one of those lights that strap on his head so that he can see what he is doing.  Not sure how late he will saw but I will wait up on him.  :)

I have been working on some handwork to keep my hands busy while waiting and sitting.  It is Lucy Boston's Patchwork of the Crosses.  I love it so far!  This is a long term project as I am slow at hand stitching.  

Here is one of the blocks.  I don't have it all sewn together in this photo but it is now.  :) 
 This is the first block that I completed. 
 This one will be finished up tonight!  :) 
 Now to dig up fabric for the next block!!!

Andrew just got home about an hour ago.  He has been gone all week to Charleston, SC.  I sure missed him and I thank God for watching over him while he was gone.  This was a work related trip for him.  He will be off for the next 2 days for the viewing and funeral.  

I guess that is all for now, I need to unpack his suitcase and do some laundry.


Janet O. said...

I will keep Richard, and your whole family, in my prayers, Kristie.
You've done a lovely job of fussy-cutting to give a unique personality to each block! Lovely!

Becky said...

I LOVE the crosses! Is it English Paper Piecing?

My prayers for your whole family... It sounds like Juanita was a lovely woman who did a great job of shaping Richard into the man he is today.

Me and My Stitches said...

Sending you all hugs and prayers. So sorry for your loss. Your blocks are beautiful - you do such nice work!

ruthsplace said...

Sorry to hear of your loss. Losing a loved one is a hard, hard thing.

I love the fussy cutting in your EPP blocks, it's very effective.

Michelle said...

So sorry for your family's loss. You will be in my prayers. Take care.