Friday, May 9, 2014

Quilting in the Woods...

 I spent the morning quilting in the woods.  It was soooo relaxing and nice.  
As most of you all know we live on a farm and Richard has been clearing off more of the property to extend the area for the horses and just give us added usable acreage close by the house.  This area is on the side of the house.  
Anyway our stud horse, Bullet is in this area so as Richard was cutting and pulling out trees I had to man the gate so Bullet didn't get out.  :)  So what does a quilter do???  She takes her sewing box with her.  :)
  Our tractor is down so hubby was using the old farm truck that is just used on the farm and doesn't have insurance on it.  Here you can see were he is getting ready to back down through the opening in the woods with a roll of hay for Bullet to help keep him occupied while he works. 
 You can see him in the background cutting some trees.  Nothing here will go to waste.  The trees were cut into logs and pulled to our sawmill to be cut into lumber for various projects.  The tops and limbs will but cut up for firewood to use this winter. 
 Here is a view of part of my yard from where I was sitting.  You can see the old tractor sitting there.  :( 
 A photo of Bullet eating his hay while a few chickens peck around.  I love my farm life!!! 
 Richard also gave me a hard time because I wore my flip flops instead of my boots!  :) 
 Here he goes by with one of the logs.  Bullet didn't even offer to get near the opening.  He did come up and check out my sewing box but other than that he ate his hay and walked over the to the creek to drink. 
 The chickens stayed close by too. 
 It was a wonderful morning and much enjoyed just sitting in the woods and sewing.  :)


Deb A said...

Beautiful land you have. So fun you got to sew while watching him work =)

Michelle said...

That looks very peaceful!

Janet O. said...

Looks like gorgeous country, Kristie!

Gayle said...

You have your own sawmill? That's awesome! Glad you were able to accomplish what you wanted while HE did what he wanted! I have that exact box that I use for the exact same thing! LOL