Sunday, May 11, 2014

Working on some Hickory Nuts!

 First off, I hope that everyone has had a wonderful Mother's Day.  I feel very Blessed to be the mother to my boys.  They are my world!  

Last night I was home alone and I took some "me time"  LOL! Richard worked last night, Andrew was house sitting for my sister and Hunter wanted to stay with him.  My mom and sister left on a cruise to the Bahamas.   I sat and watched sad girly movies and cried.  I also played around with my Hickory Nut project!  Now before you say, "Another project???"  I am still working on my Lucy Boston Crosses but I just wanted to try this new template out. 
 I love this!!!  It is a great quilt-as-you-go project!  I have tons of leftover Hobb's 80/20 batting that I cut off from the edges when I am machine quilting so this is a great use for them.  

This template comes in 3 sizes and this one is the "large" it finishes up at around 3.5"  For example, the gold hexagon is cut from a 3.5" strip or scrap, so is the piece of batting.  The larger hexagon is cut from a 5.5" strip or scrap.  Just to give you an idea the larger hexagon which is the backing measures 2" larger than the center.  Here is a great tutorial on how the templates work
 Here is one that I was getting ready to sew.  I sew them just like I would sew binding.  You could also sew it by machine if you wanted. 
 I thought about whip stitching these together but thought that if I did a blind stitch or ladder stitch then I could make this thing reversible.  So I sewed two together and was pleased with how it looked. 
 Here I wanted to see how they would all look.  I'm not even sure what this will be or even how large.  You could make coasters, mug rugs, table runners, wall hangings, lap quilts, bed size quilts, just whatever.  I figure I will work on them once in a while and I will stop when I get tired of it.  LOL!
 I showed a few of them to mom before she left and she fell in love with them so we may end up cutting out a bunch of them for her to take back to work with her in a few weeks.  :)  That would give her something to work on in her spare time.  

So tonight, it is just me and Hunter.  Richard is working and Andrew is house sitting.  


Michelle said...

Those are really pretty, Kristie. Happy Mother's day!

Michelle said...

These look like fun...I'd never heard of them before you mentioned them on Facebook. Cute!

Janet O. said...

I've never seen this type of project before. I love the look!
Hope you had a good Mother's Day, Kristie!

Deb A said...

You keep posting pictures to torment me =).
They are so darn cute! Maybe if I finish all my hexie flowers in green this week I can make a few.

Barb in Mi said...

Cool - what a great technique!

Dar said...

Those cute reversible hexies look addictive. Did you buy the templates online? I shouldn't ask because I don't need another project either!