Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hunter's visit to Shriner's Hospital...

Yesterday was Hunter's appointment at Shriner's Hospital for the issues that he has with his feet.  Here is a pic that I took on the way down there.  I think he was a little nervous as he was acting goofy the whole time.  :)
 After we got there and registered, we saw several different doctors and they all agreed that if possible we wanted to try to avoid surgery.  He has had a million pairs of inserts custom made but they assured me that these inserts would be completely different from anything else that he had ever had.  They took more impressions of his feet and showed me how the insert/brace works and looks.  This is something that should support his feet and arches but not be seen outside of his shoe.  I'm just praying that this works for him.  He has pain in his feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back.  Actually the xray that I have of his back looks like he has scoliosis because his feet has thrown everything off in his body.  Praying that this will all be fixed from these inserts/brace.  Since his inserts are custom made we have to go back in a month to pick them up and have any adjustments done to them.  He also has to have some therapy to try to build up some sections of his feet.  They did some physical therapy with him yesterday just to show what he will be doing.  I'm praying that this works for him.  I hate seeing him in pain and not being able to do the things that he wants to do.  

I also snapped a pic of Richard while he was driving!  :) 
 Since this was a few hour trip for us, I took along something to keep my hands busy.  I worked on some hexies. 
 A few more pics of our little road trip.  Here we are turning in at Shriner's Hospital.  It had just started raining when we got there. 
 Hunter loves when we pass Castle Post.  Such a lovely place and it is rather huge.  Their website shows some lovely photos of the inside.  You don't see many castles in KY.  LOL! 
 Another angle...

 Today I am very tired and stiff.  Riding in a car sure doesn't help my hips and back but it was well worth the trip if this helps him.  


Janet O. said...

Hope this will finally give Hunter some relief, and ease your worry!
Oh, my! That castle is really something!

ruthsplace said...

I hope that the inserts help Hunter. Hexis are one of my go-to projects for travelling, so portable and yours look lovely.