Monday, July 21, 2014

Minor accident and some cleaning...

 Hunter had a little minor accident yesterday evening.  Now my boys are not much for playing video games all day.  Hunter likes them but he would much rather be outside running through the hills or something.  Not too long after Richard left for work last evening, Hunter told me that he was going to go outside and make himself a slingshot.  This is nothing unusual.  A little while later he came in with his leg bleeding!  The end of his hatchet came off and hit him right on the shinbone.  I couldn't get it pulled back together or get it to stop bleeding so off to the ER to get 4 stitches!  :(  He's fine today, just a tiny bit sore.  Thank God that it wasn't worse. 
I've been staying rather busy the past several days.  First of all while working on my bow ties I started playing around with some Cathedral Windows stuff.  Trying to figure out the size that I want to work with.  This is not a project that I plan on starting anytime soon, just some day.  :)
 I also took some time to play around with my new girl.  This is my 1919 Singer Red Eye that I got a few weeks ago.  She sews rather well and I think I will be spending lots of time with her.  :)  I just grabbed a little stack of 2" squares and started sewing.  Not sure what they will be used for but I'm sure they will be used someday. 
 We've been having a few days of cooler weather so I started cleaning my sewing room.  I don't sew up there during the summer as it just gets too hot so everything gets piled up.  I also had some exercise equipment up there that needed to be moved into the workout/tanning room that we were converting bedroom #4 into.  All of that is moved out now so I could actually clean my sewing room.  This is a photo of my cutting and sewing table area...
 This is my shelf that holds my books/magazines and some yardage.  I've had this bookshelf since I was 13, my brother made it for my birthday.  :)  Oh...btw...that little white machine on the is a Singer Featherweight!  LOL!  It sure doesn't look like the old ones, does it? 
 Shamefully...this is the other side!  LOL!  :(  It doesn't look that bad right now as I have cleaned since I took this photo.  Actually, that is what I was doing yesterday when Hunter cut his leg.  After it is all cleaned and organized I will post more photos. 
Please say a little prayer for my boys...Andrew has a little trip that he is going on tomorrow a few hours away but will be staying overnight.  Hunter has his appointment at Shriner's Hospital on Wednesday and that is also close to 3 hours away.  Also, my precious momma is having some health issues that we are trying to get under control. 

Before I forget...anyone use a FITBIT?  Want to be FITBIT FRIENDS?  LOL!  I was gifted one and I am trying to make myself get at least 10,000 steps a day.  Some days I get more, some days I get less.  

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ruthsplace said...

So glad that Hunter wasn't hurt worse.

I hope all goes well with your mum's health and for Hunter's appointment.