Thursday, March 19, 2015

Burp Cloth questions...

 I had a question from a "no reply" blogger that I want to answer.  Carline, you asked if I added anything between the layers of flannel in my burp cloths.  The answer is no, just two pieces of flannel.  They are lightweight and the flannel makes them absorbent.  I'm sure you could add a layer of thin batting but it really isn't needed.  After turning them right side out, I do stitch around the edges and that is it. 
 My sister has already washed the first set that I made for her and they do seem to wash up well and hold their shape. 
 They are very quick and easy and I do believe that I will make a few more sets to give as later gifts.  Just found out that Richard's niece is expecting in October and also a dear friend at Church is expecting....not sure if they are having girls or boys yet. 


Deb A said...

Green works for both! Hope things are going well for you and your family. Glad to hear no baby yet. Chantal must be doing ok. Hoping that little one stays in there a bit longer to bake =).

Janelle said...

I like those burp cloths! Where did you get the pattern for them?