Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Fire and Hexies...

 Yesterday was one of those days....Richard headed out to work at around 5:45am he called me at 6:30am and he said, "everything is okay now but call work and tell them that I will not be there today because the Jeep caught fire"  WOW!  Of course I freaked out! 
 He was just driving along and POOF, flames just shot out of the dashboard.  He quickly pulled off the road and it was still dark but he could hear water running in a nearby creek so he grabbed an empty gatorade bottle and ran.  The creek was about 30yds away so after about 3 trips he realized that he couldn't get the fire out like that.  He then grabbed a pair of gloves that my mom had gave him from her work and they just happen to by fire retardant.  He just started gabbing anything that was on fire and throwing it out.  At this point it was just a bunch of burnt plastic and such.  He said that at one point the flames were tickling the top of the Jeep and if that cloth top had caught fire we would have lost the whole Jeep.  Thanking the Lord for watching over him and so grateful that it wasn't worse.  As you can see the dash and wiring are a loss.  

When he got back home he was coughing really bad from breathing so much of that in.  He really smelled of burnt plastic too.  This was his first day of work that he had missed at the hospital so I think that bothered him but it's not like he just didn't want to go to work. 
 He was making lots of calls yesterday about replacement parts and everyone kept saying the heater wiring is a big problem with the Jeeps.  You can't beat a Jeep when it comes to going in bad weather and it gets good gas mileage but I guess every vehicle has a few issues.  Since everyone kept saying that the heater wiring was a problem I decided to look and see if there had been any recalls issued but there wasn't.  

So that about summed my day up yesterday!  LOL!  Shew...just thanking God that even though it was bad and costly that it wasn't any worse....we still have a Jeep that can be fixed and I still have my precious Richard.  

The past few days I have been working on a few hexies!  Things have been a little busy around here so that is all that I could get done. 
 Recap of the wonderful weekend....my brother, SIL, their 3 kids, Chantal and Ronnie all came over for supper.  I enjoyed it so much.  Families just don't seem to spend enough time together.  It is hard when everyone works all different shifts but it was so nice.  We had fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, broccoli and cheese, peas and cornbread and of course chocolate cake.  Not a big fancy meal but it was nice and everyone was well fed.  My brother made me cry as they were leaving, he said, "sis, you just don't know what this had meant to me"  So we all have made plans that this will happen a lot more often.  We missed mom as she was working but after she gets home we have plans to do it again with her.  I was happy to spend the time together but also very sad that it was over.  

My sister was here but I gave her strict instructions to keep her feet up.  LOL!  She had a doctor's appointment yesterday and she is dilated to 3 maybe a 4.  The doctor said 3 but he said his assistant would say a 4 but he also told her that she would NOT go 40 weeks.  She was 36 weeks yesterday so if labor starts he will not stop it.  Last night she was having some light bleeding and back pain but it didn't progress in to anything.  Shew....I'm excited and nervous and I have my little bag of hexies packed and ready to go to the hospital at any given moment.  Her husband Ronnie works away like mom does a month at a time.  He is due to leave out on Tuesday morning so he is really stressing.  The doctor said that there was a good chance that Addison may make her appearance before he leaves!!!  The thing with babies is that you never know when they will decide to come!!! 


Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Thank God that your hubby was ok and that the Jeep can be repaired (even if it couldn't, the important thing is that your hubby was ok). How nice that you were all able to get together for a nice meal.

Janet O. said...

So scary! Very glad to know that Richard is okay!
You are lucky to have your family near enough to gather. My parents and siblings are all here, but my children's generation have scattered all over.
Here's hoping the baby comes before daddy has to leave!

Gayle said...

OH My Heck! What a crazy thing to have happened to hubby's Jeep - My SIL drives one - will have to warn him.

Ranch Wife said...

Oh, goodness! That's scary! I'm so glad that Richard is ok. That would have turned my hair gray.
I too love cooking and sharing meals with family. Its just such a nice way to stay connected and you're right...we should do it more often.