Saturday, April 18, 2015

A few more blocks...

Getting a little bit of sewing in.  I'm up to 17 Churn Dash blocks.  I love these little blocks.  So much for saving this for Summer sewing.  LOL! 
 Friday the only sewing that I got done was 5 of my hexie blocks.  I'll explain why this is all that I got finished later in my post. 
 A few nights ago we settled down as a family and played a few games of BINGO!  :)  It is nice to just turn off the tv and have some fun family time.  Just a simple game of Bingo was so much fun!  I hope my kids always remember times like this.  Hunter was acting silly so I had to snap a photo. 
 Poor little fellow, the next morning he woke up and could not hear out of his left ear.  He has excema in his ears only and he has a horrible time with them.  I have to take him fairly often to the ENT to have them dug out and he has cream that he has to put in daily.  He went on to school but called around 2pm and said his ear was hurting pretty bad.  I picked him up and took him straight to the doctor.   He has an infection and is now on antibiotics until he can get in to see the ENT.  

Friday Hunter was home from school as he was still having pain in his ear.  Hunter and I got to babysit Addison!!! 
 Chantal was having a few minor health issues and had to go to the doctor and then run some errands.  There is so much sickness and viruses going around the area that Chantal thought it best not to take Addison out right now.  She is a week and a half old.  I kept her while her and mom were out.  Chantal had a hard time leaving her and felt a little guilty but she did what was best for Addison.  

That is why I only got a little bit of sewing done.  Hunter and I had a great day with her.  She is so precious.  :)  She is already spoiled and wants to be held all of the time.  :)  Anyway....I snapped a close up of her face as I was changing her clothes.  Look at all of that hair on her face.  :)  So cute...
 Richard works all weekend so hopefully I can find some time to sew.


Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Spending time with that little cutie would be worth giving up time spent sewing. She's adorable.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

she is so cute and Chantal did the right thing in leaving her with you - there is so much going around - here you will think it is allergies and it turns out to be bronchitis - I have heard of several thinking this and ending up on antibiotics. Your son is delightful sorry about his ears.

Carline said...

When my son was little he had exema so bad . I took him to a naturopath and they told me to get some zinc picolinate at the health food store. He started taking that and after a while it was gone and never returned. I have shared this with many people and all have had positive results. I guess a shortage of zinc will cause it. Regular doctors will just keep giving creams and pills but never take care of the root cause and it can't hurt to try it.

Janet O. said...

Love your "Summer sewing project". *LOL*
I miss family game nights--such fun! DH is much of a game player, but my kids loved them.
Baby time trumps sewing any day!! : )