Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A little Sewing...

 We had a rainy day yesterday with lots of flooding in the county so school was cancelled.  It rained most of the day so nothing to do other than housework and to sew.  :)  I have this machine set up in the corner of the dining area that I will use this summer. 
 I have a basket ready with my Churn Dash pieces. 
I didn't actually mean to work on my Churn Dash blocks as I was saving them for summer sewing but while I was cooking and doing laundry I sat down in the dining area to sew. 

 As of right now I have 80+ blocks cut but I think that I will need 110 blocks to do the size that I want.  I'm thinking that I will set these on point. 
 I'm not sure yet what fabric that I will use for the solid blocks. 
 I made a batch of Peach Dumplings and as you can see Richard got some before I took the photo.  I was a good girl and didn't eat any of them as they have a ton of sugar in them and that is something that I can't have. 
 As soon as Hunter got off the bus on Tuesday, he changed clothes and we headed to my sister's house to visit with the baby.  Hunter fell asleep on the couch.  I had to snap this photo as I thought it was cute they way he was sleeping. 
 And of course, I had to snap a photo of this little angel.  :) 
 I hope to get more cutting done later today and get more stuff prepped and ready to sew this summer. 


Deb A said...

I really need to bring up my Singer and see how bad the tension has been over a year since it was out of the case. Isn't it cute how they fall asleep. Maybe cut things out and then hide them? That way you'll have them for summer =)

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I have the neutral "version" of the red and green in your Churn Dash pieces. I am determined to make a Churn Dash quilt myself one of these days, so I'm going to enjoy watching you work on yours.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

better slow down or that quilt top will be finished before the warm weather comes and you will need to cut out another quilt! Peaceful sleeping - quite it doesn't last long in boys that age

Janet O. said...

Ah, churn dash blocks--one of my all-time favs! Appears to be a fair amount of Kim Diehl fabrics in the mix--love that, too. It will be a great quilt (to make in the summer--ha ha).