Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hexies and Storms...

 Let me catch you up over the past few days.  First off, my mom went to an estate sale a few days ago.  I don't think she even bought anything for herself but she did pick me up some fabric!  :)  She said that most of it had been picked over but she brought me home 8 yards of fabric for $1 per yard!  It was nice to add this to my stash.
 We had some bad storms that passed through we also lost power for a few hours.  After the storm we walked around to look for damage.  We had heavy rain, high winds, hail and lightening.  Our garden got pounded but it looks much better today.  As you can see the potatoes and beans look rough here but as I said they look better today.  The corn...not so good.  :(  We did take the hoe and pulled more dirt up around them, they do look better so I'm hoping that more of it comes out of it. 
 I think we lost a little corn but nothing major. 
 We had a couple of trees that blew over.   Here is one, it wasn't really too big but the other one was a big one. 
 Andrew hit a deer last night on his way home from work.  He is okay, thank God!  It did kill the deer but his truck wasn't damaged too bad.  It busted the headlight out and broke the brackets that hold the grille in.  I don't think he is going to turn it in on his insurance because his deductible is higher than what it will cost him to do it himself.  He and Richard are going to change out the headlight and fix the grille.  I love that they are "handy" men.  :)  

Here is my tub of prepped hexies!  There are around 400 in there.  This should keep me busy with my hexies for a while.  
 Here is my latest progress on it!  This will be a corner and the bottom will also have the colored hexie border just like the side. 
 Addison turned 2 months old a couple of days ago.  Here is her 2 month photo that my sister snapped.  Doesn't she look so stinkin cute with that little rotten smile?  She melts my heart every time that I am around her.  She also had her shots yesterday.  :(  She did fine just a little cranky afterwards. 
Hopefully I will have more progress to show in the next post!


Ranch Wife said...

That fabric looks like a great addition to your stash!
I'm glad the storms didn't cause more damage and hope your garden will recover. Also happy to hear that Andrew was not hurt in the accident - I agree that its a huge blessing to have handy men in the family.
Love the mischievous grin on Addison's face...too cute.
On a side note: your comments on my blog do not make it to my email, but I try and reply back to you via the email I have for you. Do they get to you?

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Fabulous fin on those fabrics! I enjoy seeing your progress on your hexies.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

don't you hate all those storms! hope your garden pops back ok and that you didn't loose a lot of trees. Some of my corn got knocked over a bit from one of the storms a couple weeks ago - they were pretty small yet and I was able to prop them up with more dirt and keep doing that this week still as now and then some of them seem to bend in a little.
The dark hexies look good with the white to brighten them up

Carla said...

Kristie, what foundation do you use when making your hexies? I started my project using the plastic ones but am curious about the paper ones. I love how your project is turning out.

Janet O. said...

Your Mom knows your taste in fabric, doesn't she?
We didn't even get our garden in this year because of all the rain we had in May. Hope yours recovers. Looks like you have a great garden.
That hexie project looks really good!
Cute baby smile. : )