Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hexies, Birthdays, and a little Jazz

 Still taking it easy and not doing too much.  Here is my progress so far on this hexie quilt.  It sure seems like I should have more done.  LOL!  These are 1" hexagons.
 I have a few hundred more prepped but I'm needing more variety in it.  I know this looks like a lot of hexagons but there are several of each.  I really need to try to dig though some scraps to add some variation.
 A pic of my 1919 Singer Red Eye.  This is one of my favorite machines and it sews wonderfully.  I've had it for a while but I had Hunter to bring it downstairs for me and put it on the old school desk so that I could see it better.  :) 
 My baby boys turns 13 today!  Shew...time flies!  With 4 ultrasounds they told me that I was having a "girl" imagine my surprise when he came out a "boy"  LOL!  I thought Richard was going to pass out! 
 Here he is at 11 months old, trying to look sweet.  :)
 This in one of my favorites...oh how he loved that horse.  I still have it.
 Here he is at the age of 3.  We were heading out to watch Richard ride bulls....shew...I'm glad those days are over.  That made me nervous but of course Hunter loved it. 
 And last but not least...we lost our little Jazzy last night.  He had a long history of seizures and had not been feeling well this past week.  Hunter was pretty emotional last night.  I felt so sorry for him.  Shew...the boys loved Jazz so much and I do hate that he is gone but man he was a 4lb firecracker that at times made me want to pull my hair out!!!  LOL! 
 I guess that is all that I really have to blog about today.  I think I'm going to head back to bed, Richard just left for work.  Oh and say a little prayer for Andrew today.  He is traveling and that always worries me.  He is on his way to the beach with his aunt on his dad's side.  He had vacation time and she invited him to go, all expenses paid so he was excited to go.  LOL!


Michelle said...

Happy birthday Hunter! I am so sorry for your loss of Jazzy. He knew he was loved. Always carry that with you. Kristie, your hexies look awesome! Hunter sure is a cute little boy and turning into a handsome young man.

Kristie, you need to put a hand crank kit on your red eye for display. I love the hand cranks, even though I haven't made anything with one! ;)

Take care, don't worry about Andrew, he will be fine. He has a good head on his shoulders.
Be well,

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

you would think with so many ultrasounds they would have gotten the sex right! it is ok to take a break from quilting now and then, you will get back to it.

ruthsplace said...

Sorry to hear about Jazzy, losing a pet is always hard, especially for the kids.

I think your hexis are looking great.

Janet O. said...

Love the hexie project!
That photo of 11-month old Hunter cracks me up. Already practicing being charming! : )