Saturday, July 4, 2015

Cutting, Sewing, and Cooking it is a little after 1am and I'm still awake.  I have to get Richard up for work at 4:30am so I might as well just stay up.  

Yesterday I actually did a tiny bit of sewing.  These were some Windmill units that had been under my needle for what seem like forever.  Also a couple of tiny 4 patches.  I cut these units apart and finger pressed them. 
 I sewed them together and ended up with 18 more blocks.  This takes me to 144 of these Windmill blocks and I need something like 528 or so. 
 I do believe that this is all that I had cut and ready so I grabbed some scraps and cut a few more out.  These are cut from 2.5" strips.  I have a few backgrounds cut but need to cut more.
 While I was cutting with 2.5" strips I started cutting some Tumbler blocks.  Now this is NOT anything that I plan on working on anytime soon, but a future project. 
 One reason that this is a future project is because I already have on that is a UFO and I need to finish it first.  The reason that it's a UFO...I never was completely happy with the block size. 
 I have most of these sewn into units of 4.  I need to just sew together what I have cut of this quilt and call it DONE!
 Gardening...we've so much rain lately that my garden is a mess and I wondering if my potatoes will just rot in the ground.  Richard has been working a lot and I've been down so my garden is getting neglected and overrun with weeds.  I'm hoping that we can salvage part or most of it.  

Speaking of growing dear friend Annie sent me a few packs of herb seeds.  Hunter and I planted them in pots and now he is obsessed with growing things.  I think he was surprised on how fast the Cilantro sprouted.  So while he was in Tractor Supply the other day he picked up these tiny pots with seeds that were one clearance.  They were regular priced $4.99 and marked down to .99 each.  He bought 8!!!  LOL!
 Hunter and Richard picked some blackberries for me.
 So I taught Hunter how to bake a cobbler!  He did a great job and it tasted great.  I have been teaching him to cook a little lately. 
 That's all for now!  Hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July!  Richard works all weekend so we will not be doing anything special.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

hope you are beginning to feel better sounds like you are still recovering - and need some sleep! my garden is finally doing better with the heat and sun but it is small compared to a lot of other peoples gardens.
maybe Richard needs two alarm clocks so you do not need to wake him?

Janet O. said...

It is very hard to not be up to your usual activities and have to sit back and watch things go undone, but sometimes that is all you can do. We never even got the garden planted this year due to rain, new grandbaby and health issues. I think I finally accepted it in my mind, but I have had a garden for 30 years.
You have double the number of windmill blocks I have. I set aside a stack of fabrics to cut more, but I get so distracted that I haven't done it yet.
*LOL* I've been cutting tumblers lately, too. Just came from doing that, in fact.
The blackberries look delicious. Good for Hunter getting some skills in the kitchen. That will serve him well!
Take care of yourself, Kristie.