Monday, June 1, 2015

Mountain Homeplace...Part 2

This is my second post from the Mountain Homeplace and there are lots of quilts in this one too. 

Here you can see the old Church in the distance.  
I mentioned before that Richard and I got married in they yard of the old house but Richard mentioned that it would be nice to go back for our 20th or 25th anniversary and remarry in the old Church.  :) 
Hunter enjoyed every minute of the tour.  He just loves anything to do with history and he also loved the fact that we married there too. 
They had small quilts displayed on the walls of the Church.  I think it was just patterns from that era or something.  I really don't remember what she said. 
I will try to finish up the other photos in a 3rd post but for now I will leave you with these photos of Richard and Hunter.  After leaving the Mountain Homeplace we drove out by the lake spillway area and did a little walking around.  We climbed up on these rocks, it was nice and relaxing.  I didn't climb up as far as they did but it was nice.  Richard was acting silly in this one.
Hunter just relaxing...
That's all for now...


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

looks like a nice day!

Janet O. said...

I think Richard's idea is sweet. : )
Are those quilts on the church walls wrapped in plastic? Yikes!
How nice that Hunter likes history. I recall on family vacations when we stopped at museums, one of our daughters got excited and the other groaned.
Looks like a beautiful area where you stopped to walk--is Richard being Tarzan?