Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Almost Halfway!!!

 As soon as Hunter got on the school bus this morning Richard went squirrel hunting.  He didn't get anything as there are just too many leaves on the trees right now.  Anyway, I think he enjoyed just doing something besides work for a change.  

While I had some time to myself (Andrew was sleeping) I did some sewing!!!

 It's been a great day of sewing!  I actually felt like I accomplished something. 
 I worked on my Windmills mostly.  I had cut out more pieces from some fabric that I was gifted the other day.  I really needed to mix in some different fabrics.  I'll gradually add more in as I can.  

I ended up piecing 34 more of the small windmill blocks.  That along with the few that I already had done was enough for 3 1/2 big blocks.  I need 5 big blocks to make a row.  Today's sewing got me almost halfway!!!  I am planning on doing 6 big blocks long and 5 across. 
 I also pieced lots of Tumblers as well.  I ended up getting them sewn into sets of 4 and sets of 8.  I will keep sewing them together until I get my long rows. 
 Supper today included Fresh Ham from my sister.  It was delicious!  Along with this, I fixed green beans, mashed potatoes, mac & cheese and cornbread.  I try to fix this stuff as healthy as possible for them.  There are also a few things like this that I can't eat.  This evening I had a tiny piece of ham, a small portion of mashed potatoes and a bunch of green beans!  :) 
 Richard works the next 3 days and is off the weekend.  Friday evening we have plans as it is my little nephews birthday as well as his mom's.  :)  So my nephew and SIL's birthdays are on the 21st and my precious mommy's birthday is the 22nd.  Mom will be 62.  She will never know how special she is to me.  I love her with all of my heart and I make sure that I tell her every single day.  :)


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I love your windmill blocks - I just really love the old fashion quilts made from one block repeated and the smaller the block the more I love them it seems - looking forward to seeing your tumblers as well - happy birthday to your mom - I have a year on her - I will be 63 next month - it is nice that you tell her you love her often - I wish both of my girls lived close by so I could see them often - I do see one frequently but the other once or twice a year.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Like Karen, I'm partial to the old traditional blocks ... small repeating blocks. And I love the fabrics you've chosen. I'm enjoying your progress on your tumblers because that's what's up next after I finish up my Kiss quilt.

Gayle said...

That windmill quilt is looking awesome!