Sunday, August 2, 2015

A wonderful day...

 I had such a wonderful day on Saturday!  It was one of those days that nothing was really accomplished but I was happy.  We got up early.  Richard was off and Andrew had to work.  Richard needed to go to town to have the front tires on the Jeep balanced so I went with him.  He dropped me off at Walmart and I picked up some milk and such and he came back by and picked me up.  Hunter didn't want to go because it was early so we dropped him off at mom's and he went back to sleep. LOL!  

Shortly after we got home Richard headed up to the sawmill to work a little and then after an hour or so he was back down to the house.  The sawmill is only a few hundred feet away from the house.  He came in and cooled off and then said, "you wanna take a 4-wheeler ride?"  Hunter was still asleep at mom's and I called to let her know where I was going.  We headed out through the woods! 
 I love living out in the country!  I find it so relaxing.  We don't get out and just "joy ride" on the 4-wheeler much as we are usually just too busy with life and work.  We mostly use it to work around on the farm and Hunter rides it back and forth through the woods to mom's house.
 The photos are a little blurry but we were moving.  This is the area that I grew up in as a child and live today.  This is my life...  I've never lived in the city and get a little nervous and anxious feeling when I am even in small cities.  I'm just a simple country gal. 
 After traveling through the woods for several miles we decided to just go on home by the blacktop road and not backtrack through the woods.  This is Yatesville Lake which is about a 5-10 minute walk from my house straight through the woods.  This is the tail end of the lake, it is a pretty big lake. 
 Here were are turning off the blacktop and starting up the hill to home.  We live a mile from the main road.  It's hard to really tell from this photo but this road is on a steep hill and just keeps winding around the ridge.  We live on top of the ridge which is actually called, "top of the world"  that is my actual address so that should give you an idea that we are on top.  :)
 Again, it's a little blurry but this is my mom's driveway.  She lives about 1/2 mile out through there.  She is the only one out there.  She is my neighbor but I can't see her house from mine.  We have a little walking/4-wheeler trail that goes through the woods from my house to hers. 
 The sky was beautiful...
 When we got home I talked Richard into just relaxing the rest of the day.  This man NEVER stops!  Although we have a million things that needs to be done, he needed a day to just relax.  

I baked some cookies for a snack for him and Hunter.  Not homemade but I got them marked down at Walmart this morning.  :)
 As I mentioned, Richard never stops and I think he was getting a little restless so we picked more apples.  Almost another bushel! 
 Then I fixed supper.  Fresh Ham that my sister just had butchered, mashed potatoes from the garden, fresh green beans that I canned a few days ago and cornbread.  I had green beans...  :(

I had a wonderful day!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

it looks like a wonderful area that you live in and how nice to have a walking/riding trail for a half mile through the woods to your mother's house!! that is so neat. I prefer the country to the city as well and yesterday when we drove to NW Arkansas to visit family I was glad to get out of the town traffic area to my sister's house in the country. The traffic for about 30 miles in that corner of the state is about as bad as the traffic in Little Rock!

Janet O. said...

Beautiful country you live in, Kristie. Sounds like a delightful day.
Okay, why did you just have green beans?