Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Cleaning the Sewing Room and Antique Flooring

 This was the state of my sewing room when I went to bed last night.  I am doing some deep cleaning before my dear friend gets here in 2 weeks.  I have stuff strung out everywhere.  Thank God for Hunter helping me today.  Hunter will finish taking this frame down for me tomorrow.  He is such a good young man. 
 Here are the totes that were under the frame.  We just moved them in front of the design wall but I will move them into the home gym until the new frame is set up.  Also you see that white trash bag on top of the totes?  :(  That bag makes me so sad.  It is full of men's shirts that belonged to our Assistant Pastor and dear family friend.  He and his family lived next door as I was kid.  He passed away a couple of months ago and his children asked me to make a memory quilt for his precious wife.  I haven't even opened the bag yet as it just breaks my heart.  Although I am sad, I am honored to do this quilt. 
 I promise, I do have clean areas of this room.  LOL!  Here is my sewing table...all neat and clean.  My cutting table is a different story.  :)  I will have it finished up tomorrow. 
 I also have the desk area clean.  :)  Not much but at least it's a good start....right? 
 Shamefully I have a huge pile of MY shirts to press.  I always seem to iron everyone's but mine.  I bet there are 25 shirts there that need pressed.  Anyone else do this?  Just let it pile up?  Most of these are button-ups. 
 Richard has been working the past few evenings trying to get the rest of the antique hardwood flooring down in the bedroom.  If you remember a few years ago we tore an old house down and got the flooring.  This flooring is well over 100 years old.  You will see that it is different colors but it's all the same wood.  We ran a few pieces through the wood planer but decided to just put it down and we will rent a floor sander soon. 
 So now a little tour of the master bedroom.  :)  Keep in mind we don't have any of the trim done or anything like that.  This antique dresser belonged to my grandmother and her mother before that. 
 This dresser was just given to us by a friend that was going to throw it away.  I cleaned it up and it stores my sweaters in it....49 sweaters if you are interested in how many.  LOL!  Oh and that is Richard's banjo between the dresser and the wall. 
 In this pic you can see what I was talking about the flooring being different colors.  :)  I finally put a new quilt on the bed too.  We will probably eventually get rid of the tv cabinet as we don't watch it.  I also have my lamp on this side sitting on an antique chair...I need to find a small antique table or nightstand for this side. 
 This is an antique wardrobe that Richard bought me for our 1st anniversary.  In the door section of it, I have several quilts stored.  If you look at the refection in the mirror of it you will see the treadmill.  :)  Sadly the home gym is full of other equipment so the treadmill is in the master bedroom.  Anyway....I'm glad to have the flooring down.  This is a pretty good sized room.  It's 20x20ft. 
 That's all for now...


Janet O. said...

You have a good sized sewing room. That must be wonderful! I am impressed with your organized fabric storage. Looks so neat. So excited for your new longarm to arrive!
Beautiful bedroom with the vintage furnishings and your lovely quilt on the bed--love the view with the double doors.
I don't have a pile of shirts to be ironed because if a top requires ironing, I don't buy it, unless it is from a thrift store and I am buying it for a quilt. *LOL*
But I do have a dresser stuffed with sweaters (well, 3 of the 5 drawers). I've never counted them, but I'm sure you have me beat! : )

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

what a huge sewing room and all that fabric organized by color - lucky you! love your flooring it looks like you have a really large house

---"Love" said...

That's a beautiful quilt on the bed, and you have several really nice furniture pieces! Your sewing room is going to look great when you finish all the cleaning you are doing. Just one comment: You don't have to wear yourself out. Your friend won't see any dirt or clutter; she will be too busy looking at all your pretty quilts! ---"Love"

Carline said...

What a beautiful space you have for sewing. I am sharing a small office and have sewing things in every other room where I find space.
I love the quilt on your bed. Do you know the name of the pattern? I would love to make one for my Daughter in Love.
Make it a good Day,

robin wood said...

Ms. Kristie, great to see you blogging again and prayers for your health. Hugs & Blessings to you. Robin, Knoxville, Tennessee