Thursday, May 26, 2016

Longarm Down...

 I got more of my sewing room cleaned yesterday.  Richard and Hunter took the old longarm frame and machine down for me and moved it to the balcony area.  With that out I was able to clean that half of the room fairly well.  The closets are as organized as they are going to get right now.  I still have a couple of boxes and an odd machine in the floor but all of that will be moved as well.  As you can see I have a new roll of batting all ready to go when I get the other longarm. 
 A close-up photo of closet #1.  It's still messy and just a bunch of stuff.  Later I will try to organize it a little better. 
 Closet #2...a little more organized than the other one.  I still need to move the boxes that are in the floor in front and the weaving stuff.
 I also got the cutting table cleaned off. 
 Now to show you how real this is....LOL!  This is the rest of the room!  It is a horrible mess but you always make a bigger mess when deep cleaning.  I promise there is also a couch and coffee table in there somewhere.  :)  Also Leo was up there keeping me company.  I think he was getting nervous with all of the moving stuff around.
 Carline, you asked about the quilt pattern of the quilt that was on my bed in the last post.  Your comment shows "no reply" so I can't reply back to you.  Here is the link to the pattern that I used.  It is a free pattern by Mary Quilts.  I did the color placement a little different on mine because I had to use the amount of fabrics that I had.

I guess that is all for now.  Hunter and I have to venture out to the grocery store this morning. you know how hard it is to grocery shop with a teenager that can eat his weight in food?  :(  I always end up spending a lot more.  :)  


Carline said...

Thanks Kristi, I didn't know I was on "no reply". Not quite sure how to change it either. I just love that quilt. It must go to the top of the list.

Janet O. said...

Love that spacious sewing area, even if it is currently in upheaval. : )

---"Love" said...

I have no doubt you will get the rest of your sewing room in order quickly; you are well on the way, and then what a room you will have to quilt in! n Almost makes me jealous! Thanks for the link to Mary's Log Cabin quilt. ---"Love"