Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Beautifully Hand Pieced....

 Yesterday I finished up this beautiful quilt that my SIL, Kellie made.  I love this quilt!  :)
 I forgot the exact measurements but it is a queen size.  It is just lovely!  Completely hand pieced using the English Paper Piecing (EPP) technique. 
 I quilted it with the "Mint Julep" design.  I love this design.
 A close up of the quilting and the minke back.  The back is a dark brown minke and oh so soft.  I love quilting with minke.
 I tried to get her to just let me keep it for myself but she will not agree!  LOL! 
 I trimmed it up and will be doing the binding over the next few days.  

I am loading another one on the longarm so hope to have it done today.

We had a great weekend celebrating Hunter's 16th birthday!  He actually turned 16 last weekend but Richard had to work so we had a cookout/party this past Saturday.  He really enjoyed it!  I enjoyed it as well but was very tired.

Yesterday I worked on quilting things and it will be the same thing today.  

Oh, Oh, Oh....before I forget!!!!  My MIL is having to move to a smaller place and when she came over Saturday for Hunter's party, she asked me if I would like to have Richard's grandmother's sewing machine!!!!  Ummmmm...YES!!!  LOL!  I loved his grandmother dearly and so did he.  It's not "old-old" but I am so excited to have it.  I remember it in her house.  It's in a cabinet so I'll have to find a place for it.  I'm not sure yet but I may go pick it up later this week or next. 

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Janet O. said...

What a beautiful quilt your SIL made. Looks like a lovely quilting design you added!
What a treasure to get Richard's grandmother's machine! I'm sure you will be able to squeeze it in somewhere! :)