Tuesday, July 24, 2018

One of my old ones and a customer quilt

 I finished this customer quilt up around 12:30am last night.  It measures 90x90.  With only 5 blocks across, the blocks are big.  She loves her quilts quilted "loosely" so I just quilted a big meander. 
 I have made several quilts using this block in the past and have always loved them.  Seeing hers really makes me want to make another one for myself.  :)
 I love quilting her quilts because everything is so precise.  That sure makes me job easier. 
 The other day while at my mom's I saw that she had this quilt that I had made years ago on her guest bed.  I can't even remember how long it has been.  I do remember that I did not quilt it.  This was before I got my longarm and I am on my second one.  I don't even remember the pattern name other than I got it from a magazine.
 Looking at it now, my fabric choices are very busy.  LOL!  Oh well...mom seemed to like it and that is all that matters.  :)
 Speaking of mom, she retires in about 3 weeks!!!!! She is nervous and excited both, I believe.  She will be 65 in a few weeks so I think she is ready and not to mention that the past few years her health has declined just a little.  We've talked about it and she knows that it is time to retire.  We are excited to get to spend more time with her.  So expect plenty of "mom" posts.  :)

Richard left for work a few minutes ago and I need to jump in the shower because I will be leaving with my sister at 7:30am.  My little 3yr old niece has a little dental procedure this morning and they will be putting her to sleep.  My BIL works away and will be home today but not in time for the appointment.  So I'm going with my sister for moral support.  LOL!  Then once I get back home, I will hopefully load another quilt on the longarm. 

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Janet O. said...

It is good to see that you have plenty of work.
That will be so good to have your Mom retired and there with family.