Sunday, October 7, 2007

Chantal's Birthday Gift

We have spent the biggest part of the day working on the house. We have 3 more interior walls that we need to put up on the bottom floor and then we will start on the second floor. It is a slow process, but it will be paid for when it is finished. That is the most important part of it to me.

Yesterday I made a purse for Chantal. Wednesday is her 23rd birthday and I wanted to make her something special. A quilt she would expect from me, but not a purse. This is the "Gracie" from Lazy Girl Designs, that Jen makes. Thanks again, Jen for the pattern. I was going to make it out of the blue and brown poka dot fabric, but I didn't feel like running to Walmart to get it so I just used some fabric that I had in my stash. I hope she likes it. I showed it to mom and she loved it. I have some brown paisley in this same fabric that I think I will make one for mom, maybe for Christmas.

I also made her a Wonder Wallet and an eyeglass case to match. Sometime before Wednesday I plan on making her a matching checkbook cover and pocket tissue case. Those won't take but a few minutes to do.
Here are my Ebay purchases that I got in the mail yesterday. They have some very interesting patterns in them. These will give me something to look through this Winter. I think the post office is closed on Monday, so hopefully on Tuesday I will recieve a few more.

Don't laugh, but I also bought a "Grizzly Adams" movie. I used to love watching that as a child. We love to watch movies like that during the Winter. Living back here where we do, when we get a good snow sometimes we don't get out for days at a time.

Sorry, that I have been lacking on my blog and comments lately. I have been putting some of my historical romance novels on Ebay. I have probably a couple of thousand that I have already read. And I am running out of storage space. This past week I have sold $54. I think that is great since I don't have anything in most of them.


Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

Your sister is going to just love her new purse and the accessories for it. The colors are great and you did a wonderful job.

I'm like you I read alot and I have boxes of books because I can't stand to part with them.
I'm glad you're back.

Michelle said...

Well hello, Kristie! We have missed you! The purse and accessories look great! I have about all of the LG patterns and have yet to make any of them! One of these days I will. Your quilt books look nice, and I am an ebayer too. We do most of our selling in the winter. Summer just distracts us...especially with the beautiful warm weather we have been having. Saturday, and today hit nearly 90*. Saturday, Louie and I put on about 250 miles on the Goldwing and had a wonderful day!

Glad you are back!

Gina said...

I think your prse and accessories look great. chantal is going to love them.
I never thought of putting my books on Ebay. I normally give them to my local charity shops

love and hugs xxx

Jen said...

She is going to love the new purse. YOu picked a great pattern to start with. Wasn't it easy? No tears right? Your accessories are fantastic too!!

I really should sell some stuff on ebay. Maybe this winter. I'm sure I'll run across a lot of odd stuff once we start moving crap out of our spare room and into a storage locker so that I can have a sewing room.