Tuesday, October 2, 2007

New BOM!!!

If anyone is interested there is a new BOM starting on Claudias Quilt Shoppe this month. Click on the free pattern section of BOM, I forgot how it is listed. But anyway, I had been printing them off every month for the old BOM, it is a cute baby quilt. The pattern is still on there for it, at least for awhile. The new one just started this month, so it will be easy to stay caught up. The name is "Simple Scrappy Treasures" it is a scrap quilt and really cute. October's pattern is for 8--6 1/2 nine patch blocks, very easy. I think I will get started on those tonight. I checked on Planet Patchwork and they don't have their October block posted yet. I have lots of others that I print off each month, but I guess Andrew used all of my printer ink printing off guitar tabs so I will have to wait to print them.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link! I just printed off the baby quilt pattern since it is soooo cute! Glad you had a good day with the boys yesterday. Enjoy the new sewing foot, I need to really try machine quilting some of my quilt tops so I can finally 'finish' something!

Gina said...

oh no just what I need, another BOM. I quite like this one so I may join you in doing it.

love and hugs

Gina said...

the new celestial migraine block is up Kristie.I'm now 3 months behind with it