Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Christmas Wallhanging

It's a little after 2pm and Richard is still out hunting. He left around 5am this morning. It has rained all day, I'm sure he is soaked and will end up getting sick. Anyway he or Andrew always get one every year so they are making bets on who it will be this year.

Here is a photo of a little pillow that I made, I still need to add the stuffing and sew up the opening, but I thought the saying was cute. It says..."He loves me, he loves me not. It doesn't matter, I'm all he's got."

This is a photo of my Christmas wallhanging. I decided not to put the holly on it, I just couldn't get the holly placed right, so I just left it off. But anyway, this is it. I started quilting it this morning and I broke a needle so I got mad and quit. I may work on it later today, if I get in the mood. I pieced the backing with leftover fabrics that I used on the front. I didn't figure I would use them for anything else so I just pieced them together. This is the first time that I have ever done a pieced backing. It is a wallhanging so it's not like anyone will be looking at the back.
I think my sister has backed out on making a purse with me. :o( The past few days when I mention it to her she doesn't act very interested now. Oh well....maybe someday. Sometimes it gets very boring sewing by myself and I have no one to talk about it to except for you guys. Richard, is probably my biggest fan, but I'm sure there is only so much he wants to hear about. Chantal doesn't like to sew at all and mom...well mom just isn't in to sewing anymore. I think she just did so much of it years ago that she got burned out on it. And she has had so many things happen in her life the past few years (divorce) and has changed jobs so now she doesn't have the time. But she still loves to hear about my sewing stories. She always loves to hear about my sewing stories.


Moneik said...

I love the wall hanging and pillow. They are both so cute. I understand how you feel about not having anyone to talk to about sewing. I talk to my mom, but I wish I had a friend who was close to sew with. You guys are great though!

Nancy said...

Cute wallhanging. Did you design the tree? Is the pillow for you - hope your husband doesn't mind the saying!

I definitely understand the feeling of not having anyone to talk to about quilting. I am in a guild here, and meet a few friends most Monday mornings, and also work with some ladies at the Senior Center on Wed afternoons and would really miss those groups if I weren't doing them. But our fellow bloggers are always around and so nice to make comments - so keep blogging!

Michelle said...

I love your pillow, and I don't think I've ever heard that saying quite like that. I love it!

Your wall hanging is cute as well. I wish you lived closer. We would all love to meet you!

Jen said...

The wallhanging and the pillow are both adorable! I'm sorry your sister ditched you on the purse. Maybe one of these days you'll hook her.