Saturday, October 13, 2007

Working on the farm...

Got up early this morning with Andrew. He went out deer hunting and got up at 5:30am. He came back home around noon and plans on going back out later this evening. Richard walked him out to his treestand and made sure he got up in it okay, then walked back to the house and started working. We are cleaning up a spot next to the corral so that we can park the tractor and his trailers and stuff like that down out of the way. Here is a photo of Richard on the tractor and you can tell it was early morning if you look close you can see where the sunlight is starting to shine through the trees. Oh and when I say I live in the woods you can tell it when you look at this photo.

Yesterday was a long but exciting day, well with a few sad parts...I took mom down to the boat at 6:30am. I always cry when she leaves. She will be gone for 28 days. Then I had to do my weekly running around town. But the best part of the day was....I had to stop at the lawyers office to sign papers to officially have our property put over in our names. See we bought it on a land contract from my mom and dad, and we paid it off but couldn't officially have it over in our name until their property sold and was transfered. Well, it is a long story but it is now OURS and nobody can say or do anything about it. This is a big relief for me since all of the problems that my dad and his wife tries to cause us.

This is what I recieved in the mail this morning. This is certainly a quilt that I will make soon. I will need to purchase fabric for it but it is on my list to do.

Today I haven't done any sewing yet. I plan on doing a little this evening. I have a "Sew Sue BOM" that I will be starting. It is just a sampler but I like the blocks and they don't seem like they would be too hard. I have had it printed off for a while but just haven't got around to starting it. I have several BOM's that I am working on, but I figure one block a month isn't too much to do so it doesn't matter if I have a ton of them started. They will get done sooner or later. I guess that is why they are called BOM's.

Yesterday evening I started quilting a wallhanging that I made a few months back. I was using my new quilting foot. I tried it out the other day and used the same settings and it worked perfect. But yesterday it just kept skipping stitches. Something is off with my adjustments. I have checked everything else and changed my needle. This it the first time that I have ever had this machine to skip. So I need to get that figured out. It doesn't skip while I am sewing my regular stuff only when I am quilting.

Hopefully tonight I will have a new block to post...


Jen said...

Wow, it sounds like you had a busy day. I can't believe it's deer hunting season already but yeah, that's right Bow season does start this early up here too. Congrats on the house signing, I know that must just feel like a weight off of your shoulders. I've got the Pioneer book too, someday we should work on that together.

You're talking about the darning foot right with the skips? Check the thread path; you might just have to vary it some to get it to work well, it's just another thing to check. Do you have a lighter weight thread in the bobbin? Sometimes that helps too.

Gina said...

I just love seeing the photos of where you live. They make me so jealous (but in a nice way).
you'll be as bad as me soon with all the BOM's. at the moment I'm doing 5 plus printing off another 2 just in case.
love and hugs xxx

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

You sure had one busy day. Wow it's deer hunting here too it seems like it was just that time of year and it's here again. Congratulations to the new land owners. You have to feel so good about that. I always love seeing the pictures of where you live because it's so pretty and peaceful looking.
Is it possible that with the darning foot you're moving to quickly? It's just a thought since I have a hard time diagnosing problems with my machine.