Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Blocks 4, 5, and 6

Hunter had his Halloween party today at school. I went over to help out and deliver our treats. The kids had a ball but made a BIG mess. They had their little pumpkin contest and Hunter won "Most Unusual" his prize was a coloring book and box of crayons. He was so happy.

I did get some sewing in this morning. I got 3 blocks done today. Here they are...

Block 4 ~April
Block 5 ~May

Block 6 ~JuneTomorrow I will try to get 2 more done, hopefully.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Block ~3

Okay, I just couldn't go to bed tonight without sewing at least one block. So here is Block 3 ~March. I'm not real crazy about it, maybe it's just the colors that I used, anyway it is done.

My plan is to get block 3 done tomorrow before I have to go over to Hunter's school for his party. I was going to try to do 2 blocks a day that way I would have had the top done in a week, but I'm already a block behind. Unless I can speed up and do 3 on one day. Who knows.....

Trick or Treat Night

No quilting today. Got the boys off to school this morning and hit the couch, then next thing I knew I woke up and it was NOON! So didn't have much time left before the kids got home at 4:30pm. But I plan on sewing in the morning. I want to at least get 2 more blocks done tomorrow before I have to go to Hunter's school for his Halloween party. Here is a photo of his pumpkin. He has to take it with him tomorrow.

Trick or Treat night was tonight in town. So Richard got home just before the boys. As soon has they got home I had to dress Hunter and off we went. It was a very nice family night together. Andrew went with us too, but of course thought he was too big to trick or treat. But he sure did eat Hunter's candy when we got home.

Our first stop was at Richard's Grandmother's house. She spoils my kids so bad, she is 87 so I guess she is allowed to do that.

This is just a photo of Hunter getting candy from a monster.
After we were done we ran through the drive-thru at McDonald's for dinner. They were all dressed up. Hunter loved it.
That is about the extent of my day. Now Hunter is rushing trying to do his homework before bed. I don't understand why they gave homework tonight knowing that these little kids would be out late.


Monday, October 29, 2007

Block ~2

Here is Block 2 ~February. I did this one this evening. The kids and Richard got home close to the same time. Then we had dinner, spent some time together and then Richard had to go on to bed. He will be getting up at midnight for work. Tomorrow I will try to get a couple more blocks done.

Here is a photo of Hunter. We had to run to Walmart this evening to get some things to decorate a small pumpkin for Hunter. They have to bring a small one in on Wednesday. So he found these teeth and wants to put them on it somehow. I will have to figure out how to fix it. But he has played with them all evening.
I guess I will clean up my sewing mess, do a load of laundry, and wait to get Richard up at midnight.

My day of sewing

It has cooled down here so much within the last week. I woke up this morning to a big frost and 29 degree weather. I got a chill and didn't think I would ever warm back up. So I guess it is time to start bringing in the firewood. Since I am home all of the time, through the winter months I try to keep a fire going in the fireplace. Not only do I enjoy looking at the fire but it keeps down on the heat bill.

I guess I really cheated on this one. I wanted so bad to get this top finished so that I wouldn't feel so guilty moving on to something else. I thought I had it all cut out, but couldn't find all of it...hmmm... Anyway, I decided to just finish it in to a baby quilt. I had all of the blocks shown here sewn together except for three of them. So I sewed the 3 together and added the borders on the top is done. I was thinking about how I would quilt it. I think right now I will just do some "crow footing", I haven't done that in a while and I like that alot better than tying them as far as looks go.

Today everyone has left me home alone. The boys, of course, are at school and Richard's vacation is over, so he is back to work today. He did not want to go back. I told him he was acting worse than the boys not wanting to go to school. It has been very lonely here today. I started cleaning the house, but got tired of that and finished this quilt top. Not sure yet what I will drag out to work on next. Maybe I will decide on that while I am finishing up the house.


Okay I thought I would try to finish the sampler top that I started several months ago. So I got out the book that the pattern is in.
Here is what the quilt will look like when finished. I only like three more blocks on it, but for some reason, I just can't bring myself to do it. This is the first sampler that I have ever done that the blocks are all different sizes. I don't know if that has anything to do with it or not, but I just really don't want to work on it. So back in the box it goes....

Now this quilt pattern is also in the same book. It is called "Month by Month" but when I scaned the photo I forgot to flip it so it is actually showing backwards, oh well. But I'm sure you get the idea. This is a simple 12 block project that I think I will start. I know, I know, I need to finish some of my others first, but I'm just too tempted.

I think I will try to go ahead and get a block or two done before anyone gets home. The housecleaning will just have to wait. :o) I will be back in a little while with a block to post.

Okay, it is now around 3:15pm and I finished my first block. This is Block One, listed as ~January block. It took me a while to find my beige print. I had it folded up in another piece of fabric. I still need to add the block borders, but I think I will do all of those when I get ready to sew the complete top together. I will just cut those from scraps.

Now it is almost time for the boys to come home, so I will go ahead and post this. I will probably make another block tonight, I will post it then.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Working on the house

This is what we worked on today...the house. We worked on putting the double plate on top of the walls to tie them all in together. I cut the boards, Andrew carried them, and Richard nailed them all down. I am afraid of heights so there was no way that I was going to walk on top of the walls. Richard made me so nervous walking up there. Richard stood on top of the wall in the corner to take these photos. This first photo he was standing on the corner of the living room wall. The room in the back is my kitchen and the small room beside it is the bathroom and laundry room.

In this photo he is still standing on the corner of the living room but turned to the right. What you see here is the master bedroom with master bath and large walkin closet. The opening in the side wall that you see here is the opening for the french doors that will be in my bedroom and open out on to a private deck the length of the house. Also in this photo you can see the hallway and Hunter's bedroom in the back corner. This bottom section of the house is 40x40ft (1600 sq ft) We will start on the 2nd floor soon. The second story will have two 16x20 bedrooms and a loft that will measure 20x24. The loft will be my sewing area.
I know it is hard to tell much about it in the photos. But we will get it done someday. As of right now we have LESS than $1000 in the house so far. We have the windows and front and back doors in storage.

As far as sewing, I haven't done any today. Hopefully tomorrow after I get the house straightened up I will work on my "green bow-tie" quilt. I haven't worked on it in a while and I would like to get it done. I think I have all or most of it cut out. I would love to get the top done on it before the end of October, because the first of November I will start working on my BOM's.

Andrew came home today and was sooooooo proud of his deer. We will be taking it to have it mounted for him. We will probably take it next week to have that started. As far as the meat. It is in the freezer. It is just quartered up, so we will work on getting it all cut up and packaged this week.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Andrew's Hunting Trip!

Just a quick little post to tell you all that ANDREW KILLED A DEER!!!!! Yes, my baby killed one today. This was youth season this weekend in WV so he went hunting at his uncles. He called to tell me that he killed a 10 point buck!!!! He was so happy I thought he would cry. I am so proud of him. We will send it to have it mounted for him.

Not alot of sewing here today. I felt really bad earlier, my blood pressure was up some so I was on the couch for a few hours. We went in to town after I started feeling better and rented a few movies. Right now we are watching the movie "300" and I have been working on some yo-yo's for Hunter a quilt. I don't have very many done probably only around 40. I plan on making this yo-yo quilt bed size, so it will take me a few years to finish, but I'm in no hurry.

Garden Poppies Quilt

Not alot going on today, so far. I talked to my Aunt Deb this morning and that was pretty exciting. I called her to see if she wanted to come over sometime and go through some of my books. I read a lot of historical romance novels and she reads alot too. So I was just trying to be nice and see if she wanted to read some of them. While we were on the phone she asked me about the Quilt Guild and I think she is going to go with me some to see if she wants to join. She makes beautiful quilts. I think she is going to try to come over one day this week to get some books and discuss some quilting things. I have a quilt kit that Richards aunt bought for me at Goodwill and it had never been open it is a whole cloth applique.
I started it but never did finish it. I think she is going to try to copy the pattern off on a large sheet of fabric to make her one. I only have maybe one flower done and I put it up. I am very excited about her coming over I never have anyone that comes to visit that quilts, so it should be a fun visit.
I did clean up around my sewing machine a little while ago. I think I will drag something out to sew on later this evening. I feel very lazy today. I have been sitting here trying to think of what to work on. I have tons that I need to finish, but nothing that I can think of that I am in the mood to do. Maybe I'll check in later with some sewing progress.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Deer Hunting

I know hunting is not for everyone, but here it is a way of life. So I hope I don't offend anyone with this photo but Richard got a deer this morning. It is a doe, but who cares, you can't eat the antlers anyway. My deep freeze was almost empty, so I am glad he got it.

He left around 5am and was back home a little after 9am. He is out in the back yard right now skinning it out and I have been digging out the freezer paper. When he is finished we will bring it in to cut up and package. I plan on grinding some into burger and jerky, the rest we will just cut up into steaks and stuff like that.

Hopefully I will get some sewing in later in the day.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A restless evening!

I have been very restlesss this evening. As I said before I broke my needle this morning when I started quilting my wallhanging. Then I just couldn't really get back in the mood to sew. I wanted to, but just didn't get anything done. I cleaned my sewing table, sorted some scraps, looked through some quilting books, sewed ONE yo-yo, yes only one, cleaned my machine, and sorted my thread spools. I just feel restless. There are so many things that I would love to work on, but know as soon as I drag them out, the mood will leave. I went to bed at 9pm and couldn't sleep so now I am back up at 10pm and on the computer. I hate times like this. Hopefully tomorrow will be better...

Richard missed a deer this morning, so he will be going back out in the morning. He said it was the first deer that he had ever missed. Andrew really gave him a hard time over it. They are very competitive. Right now it is bow season so that is what they are hunting with now. Maybe he will get one tomorrow....

Tomorrow Hunter has Open House at his school. It starts at 5pm so I guess I will go over there. They will be giving out report cards then. This will be Hunter's first report card. I can't wait to see how he has done. Poor little thing, he is in kindergarden and has more homework than Andrew does and he is in high school. Hunter has about an hours worth of homework every night, except on Fridays. He gets very cranky when he has to do it.

Hopefully, tomorrow I will have something more exciting to post about.

Christmas Wallhanging

It's a little after 2pm and Richard is still out hunting. He left around 5am this morning. It has rained all day, I'm sure he is soaked and will end up getting sick. Anyway he or Andrew always get one every year so they are making bets on who it will be this year.

Here is a photo of a little pillow that I made, I still need to add the stuffing and sew up the opening, but I thought the saying was cute. It says..."He loves me, he loves me not. It doesn't matter, I'm all he's got."

This is a photo of my Christmas wallhanging. I decided not to put the holly on it, I just couldn't get the holly placed right, so I just left it off. But anyway, this is it. I started quilting it this morning and I broke a needle so I got mad and quit. I may work on it later today, if I get in the mood. I pieced the backing with leftover fabrics that I used on the front. I didn't figure I would use them for anything else so I just pieced them together. This is the first time that I have ever done a pieced backing. It is a wallhanging so it's not like anyone will be looking at the back.
I think my sister has backed out on making a purse with me. :o( The past few days when I mention it to her she doesn't act very interested now. Oh well....maybe someday. Sometimes it gets very boring sewing by myself and I have no one to talk about it to except for you guys. Richard, is probably my biggest fan, but I'm sure there is only so much he wants to hear about. Chantal doesn't like to sew at all and mom...well mom just isn't in to sewing anymore. I think she just did so much of it years ago that she got burned out on it. And she has had so many things happen in her life the past few years (divorce) and has changed jobs so now she doesn't have the time. But she still loves to hear about my sewing stories. She always loves to hear about my sewing stories.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rain, Rain, go away!!!!

Today has been a wet and rainy day here. We started out working on the house this morning after the boys left for school. We worked in the rain, but when it got too bad we came in until it slacked off, then back out to work. We almost have all of the walls on the bottom story up. All we need to do to finish it up is box in the closets in the master bedroom and Hunter's bedroom. I will post a photo of it when we finish. You really can't tell that much about it because it just looks like a bunch of 2x4 walls. We would have finished today if the rain had held off.

During my rain breaks today, I did get to sew a little bit. I started a Christmas wallhanging. It is just bits and pieces from different Christmas wallhangings. Nothing fancy, but I was bored. While looking on the internet, I did find some other Christmas wallhanging patterns that I think I will make later. Anyway, I just need to add some holly leaves on it and then it will be ready to quilt. I may try to get them cut out and on there later tonight.

I will have to make a trip in to town in the morning. I think Andrew has ate all of the snack food in the house. There is NO chocolate...and I also need to pick up my Diet Pepsi!!! Richard will be hunting in the morning. Hopefully he will get a deer. My freezer is getting empty!!!

Well I guess this is about all for today. Just another boring day........

Monday, October 22, 2007

Fall Wallhanging

I also got this quilted this weekend. Actually I did it Saturday before anyone came for the birthday party. But I didn't have time to do the binding. I was actually sitting there after we had cake and ice cream thinking to myself...Why don't you all go home so that I can put my binding on. I know that was rude of me, but I really wanted to get it finished. I made this a few months ago so I know that it is alittle late now, but we still have a little bit of Fall left.

This is a photo that I took on Sunday. We live by the lake and when I come out of my road this is Yatesville Lake. So we live like 1 minute from the lake and about 10 minutes from the golf course. I was going to take a photo of the golf course, but I drove right on by and forgot it. It is very pretty this time of year too.
I'm not sure how much sewing that I will get done this week. Richard just informed me last night around 8pm that he was taking his vacation this week. He said he wanted to surprise me. So I guess we will be doing alot of things around the house. He has been down at the sawmill all day. And we plan on working on the house too. We also have to cut up firewood for Winter. And one of the days he plans on going deer hunting, maybe I can sew that day...

Cone Thread Stand

Finally, I get to post!!! It has been a long busy weekend. As you know we had Breanna down for the weekend, to celebrate her birthday. All went well with that. Saturday morning, Richard sawed at the mill most of the day, the kids played around and watched some movies. I finally got to put my binding on my sidetable runner. It matches the one I made for my coffee table. Now I need to made one more for the other sidetable. These are sure giving me practice with my stippling. I was glad to get this one done before anyone showed up for the party.
This is something that I have to show you all....I was looking at the Clotilde catalog and found a "Cone Thread Stand" My machine will only use the regular spools of thread. So I was debating on ordering it. I knew that it would be cheaper for me to use the cones. But with shipping it would have cost me around $14. Now not that I didn't have $14 but I am very cheap and I was trying to think of something else to use for this purpose. So I was telling Richard about it and showed him the catalog. He said "Just order it" but I didn't. I told him if he really loved me he would make me something to use. I said that it just had to have a heavy bottom and I wanted him to be creative....So this is what I got...He found a ROCK that was fairly flat but still had to grind it flatter. Took a piece of scrap wood from the sawmill and sanded it down round, added a piece of wire and it was done...

See I knew I loved this man for some reason! I tried it out and it works perfectly. So in the end I saved $14 and this one means more to me...

Friday, October 19, 2007

A night with the family

Well, I just wanted to share this photo of Richard, Hunter and Breanna. Now what is miss is my baby Andrew. Even though he is 14 he is still my baby. Andrew is going hunting in WV in the morning so he is staying at his uncles tonight. Anyway Richard and the kids are looking a book with saddles. Like we need another saddle. We have more saddles now than we do horses.

I finally finished my tablerunner. I got the binding on and it actually turned out nice. I even made a square table topper for my sidetable. It is with the same pattern as the tablerunner. I have it stippled too, I just need to put the binding on it. I think I will do that in the morning. I will have to do it early since I will have to put all of my sewing stuff up before Breannas party.

I don't think anyone will be here for her party except us. But that is all that we need. So it will just be a small family thing. I will take her in the morning to get her Ipod. That is what she asked for.

Mom came home for the night. They docked back in Ashland for the night so Chantal picked her up. She will have to leave around 2am to get back down there by 3am to start breakfast. I did go out there to see her for a few minutes before she took a nap. It seems like she has been gone for a month, but it has only been a week.

Richard is going to pick up a load of hay in the morning. So when he gets home I will have to help unload it. That is NOT fun, but it has to be done.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Getting to know each other~My Four!

Okay as I read these questions I realized that I must be a very boring person...Here are my four.

1~Mother and Housewife (my most important job ever)
2~Financial Advisor
3~Seamstress~made Levi's and Arizona jeans
4~Elderly Caregiver

1~The North and The South
2~Last Of the Dogmen
3~Kingdom Of Heaven
4~Lonesome Dove

Okay I have no answer on this one. I don't have cable or satelite tv. So the only thing that I have to watch is our DVD's. Actually, my tv doesn't come on of a day until my boys get home from school.

1~Top Of the World~Louisa KY
2~Fort Gay, WV



1~In our new house we are building
2~Out with our horses

Now on this I really don't know, I've never really thought about it.

I don't think I can tag anyone, most everyone that I have seen has already been tagged.

I am so proud of myself!

I spent most of the day yesterday making pins for the football team and cheerleaders. They turned out nice and I forgot to take a photo of them. I sent them to work with my sister and Jessie stopped by to pick them up. She loved them, so in the next few days I will start on the ones for basketball.

Hunter missed school yesterday and I took him to the doctor. He has a stomach virus that is going around in school. Today I have both boys home. Andrew has been in the bed most of the day and Hunter has been up and down all day. Hopefully they will start feeling better soon. But you know how it is when you have kids sick...they worry and run you to death.

Today, in between taking care of my boys, I made a table runner for my coffee table. Hunter keeps wanting to drive his toy cars on it so I made this so he wouldn't scratch it so bad. This is from a pattern that Maureen sent to me. I had to change the pattern some, because I didn't have enough different fabrics for it, but I still like how it turned out. In the photo it looks pink but actually it is a rust color.
Now the reason that I am so proud is that I machine quilted it!!! This is my first stippling project. I tried to stipple a wallhanging the other day, but my machine was skipping so bad that I have to pick it all out. But this one is far from perfect, but I am still happy with how it turned out. This second photo is after the quilting, but you really can't tell that much about the quilting in it. That may be a good thing :o) It ended up being 22x46. All I need to do now, is put the binding on. Hopefully, I will get that done tomorrow.
I think I have finally talked my little sister in to sewing with me. Although it is not going to be a quilt, I'm still happy. I think we are going to make a purse and her best friend Crystal will be joining us. So, the plan is we will set up a couple of machines here at my house and all three of us make the same purse pattern. We will have to do it in two weeks because this weekend we are having my stepdaughter a birthday party.

We will be having her party on Saturday evening. Not a big party just family. She turned 14 on October 12. Her mom had her a party up there last weekend so this weekend is our turn. She asked for a laptop and an Ipod. Well, sorry but we are buying her a new Ipod. She was saving her money to by the laptop so she was hoping that she would get enough for a birthday to buy one. Hopefully, she will enjoy her party.

Monday, October 15, 2007

A visit from my brother

Today was a very good day! I had to run snacks to Hunter's school for his snack time and right after I got back home, my brother, John showed up. He had to take off work today for some stuff he had to do this morning. I was very surprised. He spent several hours with me and it was very nice. We talked about a lot of things from when we were little to our lives now. It was a very precious visit for me and I hate for him to leave. The sad part of all of this is...he only lives 20 minutes from me and this is only our second visit year. I guess our lives are just very busy. But we promised that would change.

This is what I got in the mail this morning. "Sew One and You're Done" I really like this book and saw several patterns that I think I will make. They look very simple to put together.

I also recieved a great package from Maureen. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Several patterns for tablerunners, a quilt pattern and a Halloween Wallhanging. Honestly, I plan on making all of these, sometime. Maybe not this week but I loved them all. And to beat it all she even copied them in COLOR, how sweet is that???

No sewing today, but I did get 15 more nine patch blocks done last night before bed. Today I have been working on some pins for the cheerleaders and football players parents to wear for the homecoming night. This is for a school in WV. I used to live there a long time ago when I was married to my first husband and my EX-sister-in-law called me this past weekend and asked if I would make them. I used to do this all of the time. I sold them and made pretty good money doing it. So I have 30 pins to make and I will be getting $150. So that will take up the next couple of days. Then she said that Basketball season was starting on Saturday and they want me to make pins and hairbows for that too. I hate making these things but I keep telling myself "It is quilting money"

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sewing Right Along...

This is last night's work. I started the new BOM that I mentioned. This is the October block. A very simple "Card Trick". I have quite a bit of this fabric left over from another quilt and I thought I would use it on this quilt. I have all twelve months printed off so I may work on it a little quicker than one a month.

I took Nancy-Rose's lead and started working on my nine-patch blocks for the Leaders and Enders. I have a box full of 2 inch squares. Last night I sewed together 45 blocks. I may work on a few more today. This will be a quick and easy way to use them up. I figured out my machine. It was skipping very bad when I was doing my machine quilting. I kept working with it and it was in my tension and stitching length. So now that I got that fixed I can redo the wallhanging that I was quilting. The skips were very bad so I need to take the stitching out.

I'm feeling a little lazy today, but I still think that after I get the house cleaned up a little I will try to sew...

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Working on the farm...

Got up early this morning with Andrew. He went out deer hunting and got up at 5:30am. He came back home around noon and plans on going back out later this evening. Richard walked him out to his treestand and made sure he got up in it okay, then walked back to the house and started working. We are cleaning up a spot next to the corral so that we can park the tractor and his trailers and stuff like that down out of the way. Here is a photo of Richard on the tractor and you can tell it was early morning if you look close you can see where the sunlight is starting to shine through the trees. Oh and when I say I live in the woods you can tell it when you look at this photo.

Yesterday was a long but exciting day, well with a few sad parts...I took mom down to the boat at 6:30am. I always cry when she leaves. She will be gone for 28 days. Then I had to do my weekly running around town. But the best part of the day was....I had to stop at the lawyers office to sign papers to officially have our property put over in our names. See we bought it on a land contract from my mom and dad, and we paid it off but couldn't officially have it over in our name until their property sold and was transfered. Well, it is a long story but it is now OURS and nobody can say or do anything about it. This is a big relief for me since all of the problems that my dad and his wife tries to cause us.

This is what I recieved in the mail this morning. This is certainly a quilt that I will make soon. I will need to purchase fabric for it but it is on my list to do.

Today I haven't done any sewing yet. I plan on doing a little this evening. I have a "Sew Sue BOM" that I will be starting. It is just a sampler but I like the blocks and they don't seem like they would be too hard. I have had it printed off for a while but just haven't got around to starting it. I have several BOM's that I am working on, but I figure one block a month isn't too much to do so it doesn't matter if I have a ton of them started. They will get done sooner or later. I guess that is why they are called BOM's.

Yesterday evening I started quilting a wallhanging that I made a few months back. I was using my new quilting foot. I tried it out the other day and used the same settings and it worked perfect. But yesterday it just kept skipping stitches. Something is off with my adjustments. I have checked everything else and changed my needle. This it the first time that I have ever had this machine to skip. So I need to get that figured out. It doesn't skip while I am sewing my regular stuff only when I am quilting.

Hopefully tonight I will have a new block to post...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Chantal's Birthday

All went well yesterday evening for Chantal's birthday. When she got ready to leave yesterday morning for work, her vehicle was covered. Her friends had wrote "Happy Birthday Chantal" all over it and she didn't have time to wash it before she left. They also hung up signs all along the road on her way to work. Some said "Happy Birthday Chantal" and others said "Happy Birthday Chantal, 23 and single" She was so embarrassed. She takes Andrew to school of a morning so he doesn't have to get up so early. She said he made her drop him off before she got to the school so he could walk on up. He was embarrassed of her vehicle. After work we all met at mom's for cake and ice cream. A few of her friends came over but the surprise of her evening was when she had a surprise visit from a guy that she is crazy over. They have been friends for a long time and I think they are really crazy over each other but he will be going to Iraq after the first of the year. He had told her that he hated to really start something with her and ask her to wait on him and then something happen to him and he not come back. Very sad!!! Anyway I thought she would hit the floor when he walked in. I had to turn my head to keep from crying for her.
Oh, I gave Chantal her purse set that I had made for her. She loved it!! What was so funny was when she opened it she said "Did you cry when you made it?" She knows how nervous that I get when I try to make something like that. But actually that all went together very easy and I didn't get nervous at all. Oh, yesterday before I gave it to her, I also made her a small cosmetic bag with a zipper to match. But she seemed very pleased with it all. I took my camera to take photos but I set it down and forgot to do it.
This is what I got in the mail this morning. Two more quilt books and a pattern transfer sheet. The books are Quick Rotary Cutter Quilts by Pam Bono and Quilters' Almanac from Eleanor Burns. There are several nice patterns in them, but for now they will just go on my shelf with my others...

Monday, October 8, 2007

More gifts...

This was todays project. I made a tissue cover and a checkbook cover to match Chantal's purse. So that makes the purse, wallet, eyeglass case, tissue cover, and checkbook cover that I have made for her birthday. I will give these to her on Wednesday evening. I guess that plan is to meet at mom's on Wednesday evening after Chantal gets home from work for cake and ice cream.

I think I will try to make mom this whole set for Christmas but in the brown paisley fabric. She seems to like how these are turning out. Mom leaves for work on Friday morning, I dread it so bad that I can't hardly stand to think about it. I forgot where she has to go this time, but it is off in some other state. They told her that she may have to fly back when her 28 days are up.

I am going to Paintsville with mom in the morning. She has to go to Sears to take back her new dryer. When we unpacked it there was a small dent in the side. Nothing major and it can't be seen on the side when it is set back in place, but mom said if she was going to pay that much for something she didn't want a dent in it. I guess while we are up that way we are going to stop by the bookstore and Walmart, maybe even Goodwill :o) It is hard to tell where we will end up knowing mom.

This evening we had a surprise visit from Richard's mom and Grandmother. His mom lives in Ohio and she came in last night, which we didn't know anything about it, but they decided to drop in and surprise us. I know they just do that to see if they can catch me with my house dirty. I swear they do, because I've heard them talk about doing the other family members that way. Luckily it was clean. I had cleaned my kitchen table off this morning, that is where I do my sewing. I told Richard that God knew they were coming and that is why I was in the mood to clean. :o)

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Chantal's Birthday Gift

We have spent the biggest part of the day working on the house. We have 3 more interior walls that we need to put up on the bottom floor and then we will start on the second floor. It is a slow process, but it will be paid for when it is finished. That is the most important part of it to me.

Yesterday I made a purse for Chantal. Wednesday is her 23rd birthday and I wanted to make her something special. A quilt she would expect from me, but not a purse. This is the "Gracie" from Lazy Girl Designs, that Jen makes. Thanks again, Jen for the pattern. I was going to make it out of the blue and brown poka dot fabric, but I didn't feel like running to Walmart to get it so I just used some fabric that I had in my stash. I hope she likes it. I showed it to mom and she loved it. I have some brown paisley in this same fabric that I think I will make one for mom, maybe for Christmas.

I also made her a Wonder Wallet and an eyeglass case to match. Sometime before Wednesday I plan on making her a matching checkbook cover and pocket tissue case. Those won't take but a few minutes to do.
Here are my Ebay purchases that I got in the mail yesterday. They have some very interesting patterns in them. These will give me something to look through this Winter. I think the post office is closed on Monday, so hopefully on Tuesday I will recieve a few more.

Don't laugh, but I also bought a "Grizzly Adams" movie. I used to love watching that as a child. We love to watch movies like that during the Winter. Living back here where we do, when we get a good snow sometimes we don't get out for days at a time.

Sorry, that I have been lacking on my blog and comments lately. I have been putting some of my historical romance novels on Ebay. I have probably a couple of thousand that I have already read. And I am running out of storage space. This past week I have sold $54. I think that is great since I don't have anything in most of them.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Finally, A Post!!!

Well, this will be a post for Thursday. I have been trying since then to get my photos on here and for some reason, I couldn't. So this is my Thursday! First off, I ran down to the mailbox since I figured it should be time for me to start getting some of my quilt books that I had bought from Ebay. This is the first one that I have recieved. There are a few quilts in there that someday I would love to make.
Later in the day, I made my first set of blocks for the new BOM on Claudia's Quilt Shoppe website. It started this month, and the October one was for 8-6 1/2 inch nine patch blocks, so those went together very quickly.
Next, I made my Planet Patchwork BOM for October. I made two of these and I really like this block. I can't wait to get this quilt done.

I know this is a rather short post, but I have to get dinner now. Hopefully, I can get back on here and write about the rest of the weekend.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

New BOM!!!

If anyone is interested there is a new BOM starting on Claudias Quilt Shoppe this month. Click on the free pattern section of BOM, I forgot how it is listed. But anyway, I had been printing them off every month for the old BOM, it is a cute baby quilt. The pattern is still on there for it, at least for awhile. The new one just started this month, so it will be easy to stay caught up. The name is "Simple Scrappy Treasures" it is a scrap quilt and really cute. October's pattern is for 8--6 1/2 nine patch blocks, very easy. I think I will get started on those tonight. I checked on Planet Patchwork and they don't have their October block posted yet. I have lots of others that I print off each month, but I guess Andrew used all of my printer ink printing off guitar tabs so I will have to wait to print them.

A Good Day!

Today has been a good day!!! I have spent the day with the boys and it has been real nice. We really haven't done anything but hang out here at the house, but we have talked and and spent some much needed "special time"

My darning/free-motion quilting foot came in the mail this morning. Of course, I had to try it out! I have played on and off with it all day. Andrew sat there at the table with me, making fun of me. Just starting so my quilting isn't exactly perfect. :o( But I'm in no hurry, I will just keep working on it. My biggest problem is that I get in too big of a hurry. If I would just learn to slow down it would be so much better.

Mom is sick with the flu, I guess. She said it felt like the flu. She started feeling bad yesterday while we were out and by yesterday evening she was running a temp and was in the bed. Chantal said she had to make her get in the shower last night to get her fever to come down. I talked to her earlier and she had got up to try to eat so toast and had gone back to bed again.

I have been sitting her trying to think of a birthday gift for my sister. She will be 23 on the 10th of this month. I don't have a clue what to get her. Mom said she was taking her shopping for clothes. She doesn't have any hobbies, she works, comes home, and watches tv. Some exciting life for a 23 yr old! Anyway, her birthday is the 10th and Breanna, my stepdaughter's is in the 12th. She will be 14. I asked her what she wanted and she was very quick to answer. She wants to go shopping at "American Eagle" and a new "ipod" So that will be pretty easy as long as I can get her out of American Eagle quickly.

So Jen, when are we doing our 3rd Egg Money Block???????? I am very anxious to get started. But of course I don't want to rush anyone so I can work on something else. Actually, I need to get to work on my Santa BOM. Oh, and I forgot about this being the first of October. I bet Planet Patchwork has the October block out. I will have to go over there and check when I get done here. That would be something for me to work on. I'm just really not in the mood to work on the Santa block right now.

Monday, October 1, 2007

My Day Out!

Mom, the boys, and I left around 8am this morning for our day out. Stopped at Hardee's for breakfast and then on to Ashland. Our first stop was the hunting/gun store. We were in there forever. Andrew and Hunter were going crazy and Mom was looking at pistols. She gets out and walks alot in the woods here so she wants to get a small pistol later. From there we went on to Hobby Lobby. I could spent tons of money in that store. I saw some fabric that I liked, it had a cowboy western theme, one had cowboy hats and I think there was like 6 differnt fabrics in that line. I didn't buy any of it, because I wasn't sure as to what pattern I would do. So now I will have to find a pattern then go back down and get what I need. But it was sooooo me. The only thing that I bought was this stencil for my cowboy quilt. I had no intentions of handquilting it but when I saw this stencil I thought it would be perfect for the borders. It is about 7 inches wide.

After leaving Hobby Lobby, Andrew wanted to stop at some pawn shops to look at guitar amps. So we ended up stopping at two of them. He saw several that he liked but didn't decide on a certain one. Finally on the way home we stopped at McDonalds. Oh, and the post office, so Maureen your charms are in the mail.

Finally, I got back home and stopped to pick up the mail. I got my horse quilt pattern today that I ordered last week.

Since we have 5 horses, actually 4 horses and a mule, I thought it would be nice to make the horses the same color of ours. On Jim, I will have to make his ears longer, but I don't think that will be a problem. I haven't really looked at the pattern real well, but I think I saw on there somewhere that the blocks were 20 inches.

I should start recieving my other quilt books that I ordered from Ebay in this week. I think in all I ended up buying 13!!!!! I know, I know, I will never make that many quilts, but I just love looking at them. Oh, and I bought a darning/free-motion foot for my machine, so I can practice my machine quilting.

I don't know what has been wrong lately, but I have really been slacking with my blog and my quilting. I can seem to get in the mood to quilt, but hopefully it will hit me again soon. I really need to get some of these done.

Oh, and when we pulled back in the driveway this afternoon, the horses were back out again. We have horses on both sides of the driveway and it was Storm and Beauma, and this time Autumn was out with them. They had tore the fence down, right beside the driveway. Autumn had a small cut on her leg so I guess she is the one who got in it first and tore it down. We jumped out and they were easy to catch this time, I just opened the gate and they walked right in. Of course, they couldn't have done that the other night when it was just me and Hunter here. This time Andrew fixed the fence and they are fine. Sometimes they are a little trouble but I would never get rid of them for nothing in this world. They are my babies...