Saturday, March 29, 2008

3 More Civil War Blocks!

Last night I talked to Sandy, guild president, because I had missed the meeting on Monday due to Hunter's surgery. We will be starting a "Mystery Quilt" soon, I think it will be lap size! And also we will be doing a "Stack-n-wack" I really like how those turn out and that will be one that I haven't done before. So both will be pretty exciting to me.

Next weekend is the quilt show in Paintsville. I wanted to have a quilt ready for the show, but I just didn't get around to it. This is the same show that I entered my "yo-yo quilt" in a couple of years ago and won 1st place. I always enjoy going to see all of the different quilts, I find it very inspiring. It is a small show, but a very nice one.

Also last night, Chantal and her best friend Crystal...aka...Minual, came out to visit for a while. (Hunter called her Minual when he was a baby, not sure how he got that out of Crystal, but it stuck! Her mom even calls her Minual now!) She brought her little poodle, Zoey out to play with Donkey for a while. They love to chase each other! We had a great little visit and actually, she just called again, to say she was coming back out in a few minutes to sit around.

I talked to Mom for a few minutes today before she lost cell signal! I miss her already! I think that may be why Chantal has been out at my house for the past two nights. She misses mom too, and she lives with her so it is probably harder on her than me.

This evening, I just finished up 3 more Civil War blocks! Yeah!!!! These were not really hard, just time consuming as usual.

This one is called "Southern Notes"
"Hiring Help With Some Bartering"
This now makes me 17 blocks! I had set me mental goal for 20 by the end of March! So with only 3 more to go, I just might make it. The bad part is, I will probably start slowing down on them since I have done most of the easy ones! :) But as I said before, I am in no hurry to get this quilt done, I just want to take my time and have it done neatly.

I also can't wait to get my kit in that I ordered last night from Connecting Threads. It is called "Madder Storm At Sea" Just a wall hanging, but I love the fabrics. I figured I would do better by ordering the wall hanging, since I could do it faster than I could a large quilt, so this way it just MIGHT get finished! Anyway, it should be here somewhere around mid-week!

I guess that is about all for tonight, I need to clean my mess up before Chantal gets here...


Carol Van Rooy said...

Wow, your just zipping along on those blocks. Great work!!!

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

I'm glad that everything seems to be settling down for all of you. Who knows you might just get your sister into quilting yet.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about you and your blog just the other day. I won a new laptop from WXCC/CoalCountry radio a few weeks ago and made alot of changes to my favorites list. I thought about looking your blog up and seeing what was going on with you in the world of quilting. I honestly don't know how you accomplish so much!! Thank you for the sweet compliment on my blog. Keep in touch. By the way, did you ever get the chance to meet my niece Kristy? Her little boy, Tyler, knows who your little boy is, but said he was in a different class. What about the scare at the school the other day? That was really strange. Did they ever find out what happened?

Gina said...

I like the blocks you've done so far.

The mystery quilt and stack and whack sound great. I've never done a stack and whack either. I'll get round to it one day

love and hugs xxx

Nancy said...

Your Civil War blocks are quite lovely. Looks like you are making great progress on them! Thanks for the comments on my blog - are the CW blocks all paper-pieced? Hope Hunter is better now and ready to go back to school.

Jen said...

Your blocks look fantastic!!

Quilting Pirate said...

I just love your choices in fabrics for each block...they all look wonderful!