Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday's Blocks!

I have been very lazy today! I got the boys off to school this morning, fed the animals and hit the couch! Dozed off and woke up at almost 1pm!!! I had such a headache for a while. Jumped up cleaned the house, started dinner and made two Civil War blocks!

Now these two make me 19/121. The first one is called "Mail Delivery"

This one is called "Surrender Of Vicksburg"
Both were fairly simple blocks. My goal for March was to have 20 of these done, so I'm hoping to try to squeeze one more out tonight after everyone goes off to bed.

I talked with the lady from WV Quilts and she is bringing me some more FQ's this weekend to the quilt show. She will have a both set up there, she had mentioned before that if I needed anything special to call her before the show and she would bring it up there since I have to drive so far to get to her shop. Her shop is having a 30% off sale this week and she said just to bring the coupon with me and she would give me 30% off at the show. I thought that was very nice!!

Oh and more exciting news!! You all know that I don't have a quilt shop close to me, but I was in town the other day and I saw where they are putting some kind of fabric shop in. The sign says "Fabric Outlet" and another sign says "Quilting fabrics" but it is only open on Saturdays, so as soon as they open the doors, I will have to check it out!!!!! I will probably go broke having fabric this close to me!!!


Floss said...

Your civil war blocks are looking great. I really like the colours you are using.

Carol Van Rooy said...

That quilt is gonna look awesome when completed. I sure hope you can meet your goal of 20. You've worked so hard to get there.

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

I really like the blocks. I'm thinking that since so much has been going on for you lately your body just really needed the rest. Wow a fabric shop of your own. Who knows maybe you'll end up working there.

Amelia said...

Having a discount fabric store close could be great. Being open only on Saturday is not too good as you usually do your town stuff on Friday.

The blocks look fantastic. I really like the colors/patterns you have selected.

Jen said...

Hmmm, maybe you could go work there on Saturdays!! It would be worth it to have the discount...says the girl currently doing the same thing. =)

Moneik said...

Your Civil war blocks look great. So glad to hear you will be getting fabric near you.

Guðrún said...

I like the fabrics you are using in your blocks.