Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wallhangings and Books!

It has been rainy ALL day! Actually, a few minutes ago we had some hail. I have had a chance to sew any today, I have been doing some much needed house cleaning. I even mopped the kitchen and bathroom! And of course, Hunter and I took a nap! Fixed some quick cheeseburgers and onion rings for dinner and then went to mom's for a few minutes this evening. She had been gone most of the day and she will be leaving for work in the morning! She kills me...while I was out there she asked if I wanted her dishes! Dishes?? She said "I'm tired of them so if you want them, clean your cabinets out before I get back home and you can have them." She is going to buy ALL new dishes! Now, mom is very picky with things like that and they are very nice dishes and they are just a few months old! Crazy thing! Of course, I want them!

Anyway on to some quilty things! I know I don't need any more projects but you know how we quilter's are, we just can't get enough! I just ordered a wallhanging kit from Connecting Threads! I love this new fabric line, "Root Of The Madder" The wallhanging is called "Madder Storm At Sea" I can't wait to get it! I LOVE the colors!

Oh and a week or so ago, while my computer was down, mom and I went up to the bookstore. This is the bookstore where I trade my historical romance novels in after I read them for more! They trade on the used books but they have a huge selection of new books. So we were looking around in the new section and I found the discounted section! They had several quilt books! I wish that I had bought more than what I did, but maybe I can start picking up one or two everytime that I go, not that I know they have them! I only bought three, but they were priced between $20-$25 each and one of them I paid $2.95 and the other two were $3.95! So I was very happy!

This is the first one "Two-Block Theme Quilts" It has close to 100 pages and 10 patterns!

This one was the cheapiest but it is still a nice one and it has 15 patterns.
This one is my favorite! "Scraps Of Time" It has 9 projects in it. The quilt on the cover is my favorite and it has several others that I like also.
This quilt is also in the book, I really like it too. But if I made it I would use different fabrics of course.
But I was sooooooo happy with my books and I can't wait to go back up there! Hopefully, I can make the trip again in a couple of weeks!

Here is a photo of Donkey snoozing in the chair a few minutes ago! He loves to sleep on his back! He is doing much better. The vet said that he has gained 3lbs since we got him from the shelter! That makes me so happy!

Anyway, I guess that is all for tonight! I need to finish some laundry before bed!



Deb (vtquilter) said...

What good finds! Hope Hunter is feeling better today.
My cats sleep that way too, and Sophie usually will put her paw over he eyes, it is so cute!

Winona said...

Sounds like you got some good deals on the new books. Your kitty picture is so cute. I just wanted to reach out and rub his tummy. LOL I'm glad Hunter is doing better. Lucky you, getting new dishes. Have a great day.

Moneik said...

Those books look really interesting. It's fun to get new quilt books, especially at that price.

Trish said...

I was laughing as I read your post because I ordered the 'Cosmos in Bloom' kit from Connecting Threads yesterday (on sale = buy me) and I don't need anymore projects either! Quilting is definately an addiction...


Carol Van Rooy said...

I could SO use a nap. Can;t wait to see what you make out of all the patterns.

Jen said...

That madder storm at sea looks soo cool!! You'll have to let me know how that one goes together. I'm thinking of doing one but connector style. Hopefully with leftovers of my Ocean Waves that I want to do.