Monday, May 30, 2011

Pick a project!

I really need to pick a project and stay with it!!! LOL! Maybe that is why I have so many UFO's! Actually I did finish up a couple of things! So here is the run down! I got really bored subcutting all of those strips so I sat them aside! LOL! But I will get back to them, I promise! The first thing that I did was make me a new sewing machine mat for my new sewing room (sweat shop). Nothing fancy and I didn't want a ton of pockets in it just something that I can store things without having to figure out which pocket it is in.

So while Richard and Hunter were fishing I made a new pin cushion! This was made from a pattern that Libby sent to me. I really like it! Now if I can just remember to throw my threads in there instead of the floor! LOL! And it even has a little pocket for a seam ripper!
We had company the biggest part of the day today and she wanted to look at my quilt stuff. She fell in love with my Civil War Love Letter quilt top. She said she didn't know how to paper piece! So what is a girl to do??? Get out the sewing machine, of course!!! Since she had never tried it before I didn't want to show her something too hard, so I dug out a few of my UFO's. This first one is a "Courthouse Steps" I really like these blocks and may work on it again soon. I think today I made 6 more blocks. Then I showed her how to do a simple string block. This is one that I had a few blocks done on it. I love working with these blocks they are just mindless quilting and go fairly quickly. I kept these out and plan on working on these over the next several days....or weeks....maybe months... And now I leave you with a few photos of Hunter! I thought these were so cute! I know he is dirty but they had been down at the pond fishing for several hours and he is a little country boy, if he sees dirt he has to play in it! LOL! Anyway...Hunter caught 11 fish and he was very excited so I wanted to take some photos. I told him to grab a couple of them and hold them up!

Then one started flopping and he dropped it! I think it freaked him out! Look at his face! LOL!

Then he picked it back up! :)
Now I'm off to bed! Good night!



Narelle said...

Oh dear ... I don't think I can stick to just one project.
Then when they're getting close to finish I seem to lose interest and move on to the next project.
Wonder if there is a cure? :)

Libby said...

One project at a time is boring! I love how your pincushion turned out! Very Cute and great fabrics! Lucky girl to get a paper-piecing lesson from you.

Hunter looks so cute with his fish. Sounds like he is starting summer out right!

Me and My Stitches said...

I love all of your projects and the look on Hunter's face when he dropped the fish. Too funny!

Yvette said...

I was thinking I would like to have 3 projects going on at once. Once machine piecing, one hand and one machine quilting. This way there is always something a little different to work on.

Hunter is so cute!!! I hope he knows how lucky he is to grow up where he is.

Guðrún said...

He is not dirty! The look on his face is pricelesss.