Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Starting another kit!

Well.....I was up again at 4:30am! This makes the second morning in a row that the phone rang about this time! But this time it was a call about Andrew's uncle. I guess he has had a stroke because at that time they were loading him in the ambulance. A few years ago he had a bad stroke and has to walk with a walker or cane now. Andrew's aunt picked him up to go to the hospital, I feel bad for not being there with Andrew because they are very close. This is my ex-husband's brother, they call him HOSS. Anyway, he and his wife are very good people and I do pray that he pulls through this okay. Andrew assured me that I didn't need to go with him but he also knows that all he needs to do is call and I will be there for him. Anyway, I'm fully awake and I will call Andrew's cell in a little while to check on him and Hoss.

Since I finished that other quilt top Sunday night I decided to start working on another kit. My choices are limited right now because most of them are boxed up and up in my new sewing room. My stairs are still too tacky to walk on them, I guess because of all of this rain they don't seem to be drying quickly and I put very thin coats of stain on them. Enough about the stairs.... This is a kit that I've had for a couple of years it is called "Carpet of Flowers" and measures 83x100. I spent most of the day yesterday sewing........and napping! :) The entire quilt is made from strip sets so I got them ALL sewn together!!! Now I will probably spend today pressing them. I detest pressing but it has to be done. But I think what I really dread is subcutting all of the strip sets. As you can see this quilt is very "Girly" and very "Spring" looking. BTW, I already had this kit cut out, not sure when I had done all of the cutting but it was nice to just be able to up it up and start sewing on it.

Every morning I always get up before everyone else and I always go through the house checking on everyone else that is asleep to make sure they are okay...I guess it's just a "mommy thing" I know it is probably cruel to take photos of people that early and while they are asleep but I couldn't help it. Hunter was talking about Army men in his sleep. :) He just looked so precious to me, I just wanted to squeeze him but I let him sleep. He always sleeps with his eyes not completely closed.Oh and of course all of this camera flashing woke Jazz up! He sleeps every night with Hunter. For some reason he sleeps down at the foot of the bed not up where he can snuggle with Hunter. Jazz sleeps with Hunter and Smokey sleeps in my room. He sleeps on my side of the bed in the floor straight across from my head. He doesn't like to sleep in the bed because it is too hard for him to get in and out of it so he just sleeps in the floor. Smokey is my baby, he makes very step that I do. When I sit down he is at my feet in the floor, if I go to the bathroom he is right there too. Oh and Smokey does not like the storms that we have been having. He whines and shakes the whole time so you have to hold and pet him to calm him down.Well it is now 5:40am so I had better start breakfast and call Andrew. If all goes well today I hope to get all of the pressing of the strip sets finished and maybe tomorrow I can subcut them.


Texan said...

The fabric colors are pretty. If you tan dyed those it would turn them into romantic colors :O). Thats what I thought when I saw them, perfect tan dyeing colors.

Libby said...

I love the colors in that kit! Can't wait to see how it turns out!
Hunter is really growing up...but when they are asleep they still look like our babies, don't they??

jillquilts said...

Love the strip sets and the sleeping pictures! :)