Monday, May 23, 2011

Top Completed!

The top is finished!!!! And it feels great to have actually completed a quilt top without getting sidetracked! I really like how it turned out, but mom and I both agree that it is a shame that it is not a little bigger, at least bed size. I guess I could add another small border on it if I wanted to, I may do that later but right now I'm just happy that it is completed as far as the kit directions go.

Speaking of kit directions....they were WRONG! Don't you just hate that? The directions called for 64- 2x3.5" rectangles for the border when I actually needed 84! Thank goodness there was enough extra fabric to cut the rest of what I needed. I have the binding cut for it so it is ready and will be put in line to be soon as I can get to it.
I've been up since 4am this morning! :( A buddy of Richard's called at 4am! He was heading to work but needed to see about using something of Richard's and needed to pick it up before he left! Anyway....I just can't go back to sleep after being woke up like that. When the phone rings in the middle of the night it always scares me too death. I'm always afraid it is bad news.

After I get my chores done this morning I may try to start on another kit. Most of my kits are boxed up and upstairs in the house but I found one that I had not packed yet. I'm not crazy about it, at least not yet, but I think I got it on sale. :) But then again who knows if I will get to work on it or not. The weather man just said that another severe thunderstorm and heavy rain will be here about 8am so if it rains Richard will not be able to work on the barbed wire fence today. So we may work on the house today. We still need to get the drywall up in the master closet and the master bath. The bad part of that is, I have a bunch of boxes stored in both and they will have to be moved. :( But they have to be done!

I guess I'm off to fix breakfast....maybe not real healthy but a good old country breakfast....gravy, biscuits, bacon, eggs, and fried apples!......yum!



Tazzie said...

Just gorgeous Kristie, you've been such a busy girl! I'm just like you, if the phone rings in the night it gets my heart racing - there's no way I'd be sleeping either.
Be sure to have a great week hon.

Me and My Stitches said...

Your new quilt is wonderful - I think it would look great with another border.

Texan said...

The border really finished it off nice!

Mary said...

I looks great but I would definitely add a darker border to finish it off especially since it's not the size you want.

Ruth's Place said...

It's a lovely quilt. I agree that a dark border would set it off beautifully.

Saska said...

I'm going to agree again. Add a darker border to make it larger.

Libby said...

Oh Kristie!! I LOVE that quilt!! That pattern and those fabrics are wonderful!! I agree with everyone else, I would want it big enough for my bed too!!
Your breakfast is one of our favorite suppers!

Guðrún said...

The top is beautiful, I don´t know how you manage to be so quick to finish it!!!